Dr. Mike Chupp is CMDA’s new Chief Executive Officer
Jan 3, 2020 Share

Effective September 1, CMDA is excited to announce that Dr. Mike Chupp is CMDA’s new Chief Executive Officer.

“I am honored to have been chosen as CMDA’s next CEO. CMDA shaped my professional life as a Christian physician and clearly influenced my decision to become a missionary surgeon. It is a privilege to be asked to lead an organization that has had such a tremendous impact upon healthcare professionals by motivating them to care for the sick like Christ did.” – Mike Chupp, MD

Prior to his role as Executive Vice President for CMDA, Dr. Chupp served for 20 years as a career missionary with World Gospel Mission at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya where he wore several different leadership hats including the Medical Director and Assistant Country Director for WGM Kenya. Since completing his medical training, he also fit in nearly seven years of private general surgery practice as a missionary member of the Surgical Department of Southwestern Medical Clinic and Lakeland Regional Health System in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Dr. Chupp succeeds David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics), who is stepping down after 25 years of serving as CMDA’s CEO. In 2017, a search committee was established to appoint a new CEO after Dr. Stevens announced his plan to transition out of his administrative role with CMDA. A total of 16 applications were received, and the search committee presented two candidates to the Board of Trustees for a final selection in the fall of 2018. Candidates were evaluated on spiritual leadership, strategic leadership, organizational leadership, human resources, financial planning/management, public policy and image, education and experience and knowledge and abilities.

“Looking forward, I’m excited. God has now brought Dr. Mike Chupp to lead CMDA. For the last three years, he has served as CMDA’s Executive Vice President and done a superb job. As I hand over the steering wheel to him, he has my complete confidence. He is a deeply spiritual man, an excellent leader, a superb administrator and a visionary leader. God has prepared him, just like He prepared me 25 years ago, to lead this organization. If we ever need CMDA, we need it now with what we face in healthcare and in our country. Looking forward, I see great things ahead. God’s continued blessings are on the way!” – David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics), CEO Emeritus

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