Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Preparation is Key.  Being called for an interview is a very exciting and at times, nerve-wracking process. It is important to be well-prepared for the interview each step of the way.   

  • Learn everything you can about the position you are applying for and Lakeland Health.   A good place to start is right here on our website.  You have the opportunity to read about our different facilities, departments, our mission and recent press coverage.
  • Know your qualifications and understand your career desires.  You should be able to articulate what you want to do, where you want to work and what your career goals are.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm!  Lakeland is a high performing culture and is committed to hiring high energy, passionate individuals.
  • Lakeland uses Behavioral Event Interviewing tools (BEI) when screening applicants.  This process allows interviewers inside access of past performance situations.   We are looking for specific situations from your past to help determine how you will handle future situations.
  • Finally, prepare questions for the interviewer.  The time spent with us is your chance to “interview” Lakeland Health.  Now is the time to learn about our associates, the people you will be working with and the specific projects and duties you will be responsible for.  This will help you decide if Lakeland is the right fit for you.

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Project SEARCH

To learn more about Project SEARCH, please contact Erin Wright, Manager Recruitment, Human Resources at (269) 927-5192

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