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  • Pandemic Stress Has Taken a Toll on Teeth

    Pandemic Stress Has Taken a Toll on Teeth

    Clenched teeth have long served as a telltale sign of stress. And as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to weigh on Americans, dentists are noticing a concerning trend.

  • Drive Well as You Age

    Drive Well as You Age

    Americans love to drive. And that love affair with automobiles doesn’t fade as we get older. In fact, being able to drive plays a key role in older adults’ ability to maintain their independence as the years go by.

  • Been Diagnosed with Cancer? Here’s What to Do

    Been Diagnosed with Cancer? Here’s What to Do

    From the moment you find out that you have cancer, it can seem like your whole life has shifted. Where do you go from here? While there’s no roadmap for navigating through your cancer journey, these next steps can put you on the path toward getting answers and taking action.

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Vegan Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Traditional panna cotta recipes rely on dairy, but not this creamy vegan holiday treat.


Menopause Quiz

Answer this one: A woman is considered to have begun menopause after she has missed how many menstrual cycles?


For Kids: How to Give Yourself an Insulin Shot (Mixed Dose)

Here’s how to mix 2 types of insulin in the same shot. One type is usually a shorter-acting insulin, which looks clear. The other is an intermediate-acting insulin, which looks cloudy.

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