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A Risk Worth Taking, Bonnie Gast
Dec, 2019
Physicians: Steve Clingerman, CRNA; Jeffrey Postma, DO

Watervliet is my number one hospital.

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Consult, Surgery, and Rehabilitation – All Within Five Miles of Home , Peter Toth
Jan, 2018
Physicians: Jeffrey Postma, DO

Dr. Postma was understanding of my situation and was willing to work with me.

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Two New Hips and a Second Chance at Life, Albert Thomas
May, 2016
Physicians: Jeffrey Postma, DO

Dr. Postma is not only a great doctor, but also has a wonderful personality

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Back on Their Own Two Feet,
Feb, 2016
Physicians: James Maskill, DPM

Dr. Maskill took the time to answer all of our questions and explained everything that we needed to know both before and after surgery

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Continuous, Compassionate Care, Linda Dokter
Aug, 2015
Physicians: Jeffrey Postma, DO

For years, Linda had problems with her knee. She knew she needed a knee replacement, but was hesitant to take that next step. That was until she met with Jeffrey Postma, MD, and finally felt the security she needed to take the next step back to wellness.

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Patient Credits Quick Recovery to Staff at Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet, Tammy Gregory
Jan, 2015
Physicians: Jeffrey Postma, DO

It was amazing how quickly the procedure got me up and going again. I've never had surgery so thorough."

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