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Message from the President - Fall 2015

Lakeland is Partnering with some New Team Members

map of clinically integrated network in MichiganPerhaps that brings to mind new physicians coming to town, but we’ve taken it one step further – we are joining with other Michigan hospitals to align our clinical practices. While some organizations are choosing to merge with a larger system to succeed in the new era created by the federal Affordable Care Act, Lakeland wants to remain as responsive to our community as we can be while remaining as independent as possible.

So we’ve joined with five other leading health systems in Michigan to form a “clinically integrated network” designed to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare and improve the health of residents across the state.

Together as a team, we can offer the size, scale and scope needed to align evidence-based best practices aimed at keeping people well. We feel strongly that we can be most efficient and most effective by working together. Every member organization has opportunities where it can learn, and where it can teach.

Lakeland physicians will collaborate with member physicians to identify best practices to help standardize healthcare throughout our new network. The goals are preventing illness; lowering the risk for acquiring disease; and seamless transitions of care between your primary care physician, specialty care sites, the hospital, and post-acute outpatient services. The result should be increased access to care, higher quality of care delivered, improved health for all, and greater value for patients today and in the future. That means a better quality of life in southwest Michigan, and a healthier community.

We know how important it is to the patients we serve that we provide the best healthcare services possible, as close to home as possible. As we develop our partnership, we’ll continue to share the benefits with our community. We’re confident Lakeland will be a great player on our new team.


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