Lung Cancer Screening Program

Are you a smoker or former smoker? Are you concerned about your lung health?

The Lakeland Lung Cancer Screening Program offers eligible participants a low-dose helical CT (Computed Tomography) scan for a cost of $180*, which will be read by a physician. The results will then be reviewed with you. As a participant in the Lung Cancer Screening Program, two additional CT Scans over the next two years or as clinically indicated are available for the same low cost.

Who is eligible?
If you meet the following criteria, you would be eligible for this screening.  

• Age 55 – 74 years AND
• ≥ 30 pack per year history of smoking AND
• If you are a former smoker, your date of quitting was within the last 15 years

Why you should be screened?
• There were 108 people in Berrien County diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013.
• Lung cancer is primarily caused by cigarette smoking.
• Most lung cancers are detected when they cause symptoms (i.e., coughing, shortness of breath, 
weight loss and fatigue). 
• One of the keys to more successful treatment of lung cancer is the early detection of the disease.

You will need a physician to order this screening prior to scheduling an appointment. * Also, check with your insurance carrier for possible coverage details.

For more information, call one of Lakeland’s Oncology Nurse Navigators at (269) 556-2884 or (269) 556-2885.


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