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Message from the President - Summer 2016

A Gentler Approach to Health Care

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

“No pain, no gain.” I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage. That advice may be accurate when it comes to some of life’s experiences – but when it comes to surgical care there is certainly a better way.

For many surgeries, the recovery is not as much related to getting over the repair or removal of something. Rather, it’s recovering from the (often) large incision necessary for the surgeon and the assistant to get their hands and equipment in the right place.

That’s why, in an effort to better serve our patients and provide the gentlest care possible, Lakeland Health is leading the way in minimally invasive robotic surgery. In 2005, we made the decision to enhance surgery with the use of robotics, and for the past decade, gentle health care has been an important aspect of our journey to design perfect patient care.

In August of 2014, the Lakeland Board of Directors approved the purchase of two new da Vinci® Xi™ surgical robots to be located at Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph and Lakeland Hospital, Niles. The da Vinci Si™ system was relocated to the Center for Outpatient Services, St. Joseph.

So what does that mean to patients? There are over 1,700 da Vinci masterpieces in our region who have directly benefited from Lakeland’s investment and their surgeons’ commitment to the smallest incision, the least pain, and the safest surgery possible. For many, that means fewer days in the hospital, less pain medication, and a more rapid recovery.

What’s even more exciting, in April of 2016, our Board of Directors approved the purchase of a third da Vinci Xi surgical robot, making Lakeland the only health system in Michiana with the most advanced Xi technology. The new robot will replace the Si system at the Lakeland Health Park in an effort to further enhance the outpatient surgery experience.

While I hope you will never need to have surgery, I’m confident that, if you do, the care provided to you by surgeons at Lakeland is a much gentler approach to health care. And who wouldn’t want that?

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