Firework Safety

Image of Fireworks in the Evening SkyFirework Safety

Throughout the summer the Emergency Departments at Lakeland Health tend to see an increase of patients as a result of accidents related to fireworks. To ensure your celebrations  are fun and safe for the entire family follow these basic firework safety tips:

  • Keep young children away from areas where fireworks are being lit
  • Back up immediately after lighting a firework
  • If a firework didn’t ignite, don’t try to re-light it or pick it up
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose close by in case of a fire mishap
  • Drench fireworks in water after they’re done burning

"If you or someone you know does happen to get injured by a firework, go to the Emergency
Department immediately," said Robert Nolan, DO, Medical Director of Emergency Medicine,
Lakeland Health. "If an eye injury occurs, don't touch, rub, or flush the eye out with water.
If someone gets burned, remove clothing from the affected area and run cool, not cold,
water over the burn. Call your doctor immediately."

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