Medication Safety List

Medication Safety List

In an emergency, would you be able to tell a physician or nurse all of your medications and dosages?
What about any allergies or sensitivities?
Have you told your family which medications you are taking?
Do they know if you take any herbal or over the counter medications?

To receive the best care possible, it's important to know your medications and allergies. But this information isn't always easy to remember. That's why Lakeland Health provides free Medication Safety List to our community.

The Medication Safety List is a card small enough to place in your wallet with your medical and insurance cards. By keeping all of your vital information in one convenient place, the Medication Safety List will help you receive fast and accurate care, whether you're at your physician's office, hospital, or pharmacy.

The Medication Safety List is easy for anyone to use. Here's how it works:

  • Write down all the medications you are taking in pencil, including prescription, over the counter and herbal medications.

  • List your allergies and sensitivities, along with your reaction.

  • Complete the fields with contact information for your physician and a person to call in case of emergency.

  • Carry the Medication List, along with your medical and insurance cards, in your wallet or purse.

  • Remember to record any changes in your medications and dosages on the card.

Click here to receive your free Medication Safety List from Lakeland Health. Don't forget to order cards for family members, too.

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