Intraoperative Radiation Therapy

Dr. GieldaNew option for early-stage breast cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful and emotional. However, if caught early, you may have the option of avoiding weeks of radiation treatment.

Lakeland physicians are now using the ZEISS INTRABEAM® intraoperative therapy system to deliver a  targeted single-dose of radiation to the site of the tumor, after a Lumpectomy. 

Traditional external high-beam radiation requires patients undergo daily radiation to the whole breast, for a five or six week period.

The new therapy, also known as IORT, minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs. It has also proven less costly, with limited side effects. Results have been so promising, Lakeland was asked to participate in the international TARGIT-B trial focused on the treatment.

It is important you have the advice and support of your breast care team before making an informed decision. Talk to your physician to see if IORT is right for you.  

Mammograms are key to early detection. Lakeland offers three convenient locations to serve you. Click here to schedule your appointment.

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A No Brainer

Pat Howland
Jun, 2018
As far as I was concerned [IORT] was a no brainer for me.

Didn’t Miss a Beat

Judi Greene
May, 2018
If it’s possible for cancer to be a positive experience, this was it.

Catching Cancer Early

Kellie Tyler
Sep, 2017
I trusted my care team and knew that Dr. Patel had my best interests in mind.

Erasing Cancer

Patty Grau
Mar, 2017
I experienced very minimal side effects – it didn’t really even feel like I had surgery.

Back to Living Life Faster than Ever Before

Ruth Firme-McMillen
Dec, 2016
Going into surgery I was confident this was the best course of treatment for me.

IORT Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is INTRABEAM IORT?
In 1998, a group of international researchers began investigating this method of radiotherapy delivery for breast cancer. The primary study tested the effectiveness of an intraoperative dose of radiation delivered using the INTRABEAM System compared with up to six weeks of conventional external beam radiation treatment (EBRT) for early stage breast cancer. The results of the trial were first presented in 2010 and show the overall number of cancer recurrences for both the EBRT and IORT patients were very similar. Ask your physician about the significant results from the trial named TARGIT-A, including complications.

How is INTRABEAM radiotherapy administered?
INTRABEAM IORT is delivered during breast-conserving surgery in the operating room while the patient is still asleep. Radiation is typically delivered for 20 to 30 minutes The treatment is delivered inside the lumpectomy cavity which minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs.

Is IORT right for me?
For many women, INTRABEAM IORT is a viable treatment option. The physicians coordinating your breast conservation therapy will determine whether INTRABEAM radiotherapy is an appropriate treatment for your type of cancer.

What if I have been prescribed whole-breast radiation?
Some women undergoing conventional radiation treatment may have the choice of receiving INTRABEAM radiotherapy as a boost dose during cancer surgery, before the start of external radiation. This initial boost dose of radiation can be used in conjunction with standard course of external breast radiation.

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Lakeland physicians are now using the ZEISS INTRABEAM® intraoperative therapy system to deliver a targeted single-dose of radiation to the site of the breast cancer tumor, after a Lumpectomy.

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