Cancer Survivorship

Survivorship Program

cancer-survivorshipThe National Cancer Institute estimates that there are 11.4 million cancer survivors in the United States, which represent approximately 4% of the population. Advances in medical technology and the treatment of cancer have contributed to cancer becoming a chronic disease, with approximately 67% of all adults diagnosed with cancer alive five years after their initial diagnosis.

Survivors face numerous physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and financial issues throughout their diagnosis and treatment and for the remaining years of their lives. The term "cancer survivor," as defined in the National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship, refers to individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and the people in their lives who are affected by the diagnosis, including family members, friends, and caregivers. 

An integral component of Lakeland's cancer survivor services includes patient navigation. Lakeland's breast and lung health navigators assist patients and families through challenges after care is completed.

Additional services which assist cancer survivors include:

  • Breast prosthetics
  • Dietary support promoting healthy diets
  • Enterostomy therapy
  • Lymphedema services
  • Medical Fitness
  • Rehabilitative programs which promote exercise and healthy lifestyles
  • Supportive visits, programs, and one-on-one support through community agencies such as the Berrien County Cancer Services and American Cancer Society's Loog Good...Feel Better program.

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