Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Support You Need for a Healthy Recovery

Karl BayerHaving a heart attack or heart surgery can be a frightening time, but recovering doesn’t have to be. Our individually tailored cardiac rehabilitation program provides the care and support you need close to home.

Working closely with your physician, our team of dedicated healthcare professionals will provide you with the tools you need to begin building a heart-healthy lifestyle. You can leave the hospital feeling confident and secure, knowing that you will be able to meet the physical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Your program will include monitored exercise sessions three times a week, where you will use equipment such as stationary bikes or treadmills to improve your physical capabilities and your outlook on life.

Services provided by the cardiac rehabilitation team include:

  • Continuous monitoring of participants
  • Exercise specialists who create individualized exercise programs
  • Home exercise program
  • Medication management
  • Ongoing progress reports and evaluations
  • Patient and family education
  • Risk reduction strategies

Online Support

Lakeland has started a Healthy Hearts support group through Facebook to create an online community for people with heart disease. If you have congestive heart failure or are recovering from recent heart surgery, you are invited to join this Facebook group. Led by a Certified Cardiac Rehab Specialist, this group is a place where people can share resources, tips, recipes, and other helpful information with one another. 

Once you log in to Facebook you will need to request to join the group: click here to join. This group is a "closed group" only members of the group will see what is posted, the information will not be shared with your Facebook friends.

Need to Reach Us?

Call (269) 983-8893 to connect with the cardiac rehabilitation team at Lakeland Hospital Niles or Lakeland Medical Center in St. Joseph.

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