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Image of woman using calculatorSpectrum Health Lakeland is working hard to provide pricing information to help patients and their families make informed health care decisions before they have a procedure. We understand there is a lot to consider when having a financial conversation about your health care.

Please note: we provide estimated average prices for many common adult procedures to help with making informed health care decisions. Spectrum Health Lakeland prices do not include physicians' fees from your surgeon, anesthesiologist or radiologist. These offices will bill you separately for services and should be able to give you pricing information if you call their office directly. Additionally, your actual price may vary based on pre-existing health conditions and the actual procedure performed.

In addition to our price estimating tools, Spectrum Health Lakeland offers several outpatient procedures at a bundled price that is competitive when compared to other healthcare providers. Consult with your physician when considering these procedures.

If you haven't selected a surgeon or you need a referral, we can help you Find a Doctor.

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Create your own estimate for shoppable services through Lakeland MyChart (it can be used with or without an active Lakeland MyChart account). Estimates will be unique to you based on your insurance plan.

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If you don't find the service you're looking for, please contact a financial counselor by phone or email.

Commitment to the community

The hospitals of Spectrum Health Lakeland have always offered essential healthcare services to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Lakeland continually works to create an integrated system of care that is accessible, affordable, compassionate, and responsible.

We know that providing excellent services at a responsible cost is a key to ensuring a viable system for our community for generations to come, especially as related to healthcare reform. Compared to regional systems, Lakeland’s costs are much lower, which is a reflection of our commitment to improving the lives of those we serve:

Image of chart comparing hospital systems inpatient hospital prices

For Insurers 
Use the button below to visit Spectrum Health's site to download files posted in .json format to meet CMS requirements for price transparency. They are intended to be machine-readable and may not be accessible to some.
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