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Look to Lakeland for help managing your diabetes or pre-diabetes

smiling-nutritionist-showing-diet-plan-picture-id901552090Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes high levels of sugar in the blood. Over time and without treatment, diabetes can lead to many serious health problems.

At Spectrum Health Lakeland we recognize that diabetes impacts the lives of many individuals and families in our community. We offer a wide range of classes and resources to help you better understand and manage this disease. Classes are lead by our diabetes education team and designed to meet the specific needs of a person diagnosed with diabetes or at a high risk of developing diabetes.

For your convenience we typically hold classes at the following locations:

Preregistration is required; for more information or to register, call 269.556.2868 or use the button below. 

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Support from anywhere

Lakeland offers a diabetes support group through Facebook to create an online community for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic you are invited to join this Facebook group. Led by a certified diabetes care and education specialist, this group is a place where people can share resources, tips, recipes, and other helpful information with one another. 

Once you log in to Facebook you will need to request to join the group: click here to join. This group is a "closed group" only members of the group will see what is posted, the information will not be shared with your Facebook friends.


Diabetes education can make all of the difference. 

Emma Goodloe, 66, was referred to Lakeland Diabetes and Nutrition and began meeting with diabetes educator, Nicole Morrissey, RD. With her help and guidance Emma improved her diet and exercise routine — with hopes of possibly reversing the diagnosis by losing weight. Over a few months’ time she was able to lose 32 pounds.

“Nicole gave me the tools to become healthier and happier,” said Emma.

Emma started walking every morning with her husband and neighbor, and over time, began to see the weight come off. But exercise was only one piece of the puzzle.

“I started reading articles on healthy cooking and talked with Nicole on what I should and shouldn’t be eating,” said Emma. “It helped that my family was willing to go on this journey with me.”

Through making these life changes, Emma’s A1C and blood sugar levels are now the lowest they have ever been. She no longer has to administer shots and is only taking one oral medication daily. 

Learn more about Emma's journey at spectrumhealthlakeland.org/goodloe

Lakeland Diabetes and Nutrition is certified by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

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