Fit Fore Golf

Take the Pain Out of Your Back Nine

fit-fore-golfNo matter what clubs you select, no matter which ball you choose, it takes flexibility, strength, and balance to play well. Lakeland’s Fit “Fore” Golf Performance program helps golfers improve the mechanics of their game while helping to prevent injuries. Participants start with a physical evaluation and a conditioning program that concentrates on the fundamentals. Fit “fore” Golf is offered by Lakeland Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Health Park Medical Suites.

Based on the initial comprehensive evaluation, you will receive an individual golf training program tailored to you’re your specific needs. Typically, the program lasts six weeks, with two or three sessions per week. Each session consists of a 30-minute stretching segment and a 45- to 60-minute exercise segment.

The goals of the Fit “Fore” Golf program are:

  • To improve your ability to make a full turn without restriction
  • To improve your stability and balance through strengthening
  • To improve your “muscle memory” for a consistent swing by training on a “swing trainer”
  • To build the endurance necessary for 18 or more holes of golf
  • To help prevent golf-related back and other injuries by developing a stabilized swing and a strong flexible trunk.

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