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Corewell Health Center for Wellness (formerly the Center for Better Health and Wellness) was established in October 2020 with funding from the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities, is located at 100 W. Main Street in Benton Harbor. Open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Center offers a variety of services that includes health screenings and education, personal protective equipment (PPE), mental health, social navigation services, and other forms of support at a location easily accessible to residents of Benton Harbor and Benton Heights.


The center is expanding this fall!  

Interior renderingThe building at 133 W. Main St in downtown Benton Harbor was generously donated to Corewell Health in December 2022 by Whirlpool Corporation for the center's expansion. Programs and services will start at the new center this fall. A variety of classes like graphic design, coding, culinary programming, acupuncture and more, are being planned. Stay up-to-date on the move from 100 W. Main St. to 133 W. Main St. here or sign up for email updates.


Understanding Health Inequities in Southwest Michigan

The Berrien County Department of Health found that the differences in mortality rates are closely associated with poverty, poor education and, significantly, race. In other words, people with low income and education and people who are African American are at higher risk for early mortality in Berrien County. According to the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), in Berrien County, there are significant differences in the death rates. The CHNA estimates that Black people in Berrien County die at rates that are more than 30% higher than whites. Learn more about how psychological trauma, such as exposure to racism, impacts health and the health. 

Learn more about the factors that impact our health through Community Grand Rounds

Health can be impacted by transportation, education, and other social determinants of health. Launched in 2018, Community Grand Rounds (CGR): Healing the Trauma of Racism hosts local and nationally recognized speakers, workshops, and other events that explore topics of health equity and population health. The events are designed for professionals in medicine and allied health fields, government leaders, and other non-for-profit leaders and community members. Learn more about CGR or watch past CGR events here.