About Us

Lynn Todman, PhD 

Lynn Todman, PhD

Vice President of Health Equity and Community Partnerships, Corewell Health

"My work reflects a career-long commitment to addressing the needs of marginalized and disadvantaged communities." 
Phone: 269.983.8654 ext. 8654

Willie Lawrence, MD

Willie Lawrence, MD

Medical Director for Health Equity

"As a interventional cardiologist, I believe the real work of medicine is making an impact on the social determinants of health that determine a patient’s longevity." 
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. 3173

Nicki Britten 

Nicki Britten

Director for Health Equity

"As a public health professional, I’ve seen firsthand how our health is a result of the influences in the places we live, work, play, and pray. It is my life’s work to be part of ensuring people have equitable access to the life conditions that lead to good health." 

Angelique Madison 

Angelique Madison, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology

"I have witnessed firsthand the consequences of poorly controlled hypertension. I am excited to be part of a team that offers comprehensive hypertension management to improve the quality of life, therefore reducing the health burden of hypertension to members of the community."

Alicia Craig-Davis 

Alicia Craig-Davis, LLMSW

Mental Health Therapist

“The center is a place of hope for the community of Benton Harbor and surrounding areas to receive support in areas that affect their physical, mental and financial well-being. The center is a vessel for the community’s voice to be heard and lets them know “We see you. You matter.” Collaborating with both the center and community to engage, educate, encourage, and empower is an honor."

Betsy Kriechauf 

Betsy Kreichauf

Supervisor, Community Health Programs

“The center provides a wealth of resources for improving the lives of residents, all in one place. Access is a key factor. Staff members are knowledgeable, patient, kind, and willing to go above and beyond for our clients."

Gina Smith 

Gina Smith

Community Health Program Specialist

"We rise by lifting others, and our work at the center provides the opportunity to do so on a daily basis." 

Margaret Clayborn 

Margaret Clayborn

Community Health Specialist

“I love the work I do because I am able to work directly in my community. I am able to connect with the people who need a helping hand to help get their necessity needs met. I am grateful for the opportunity.” 
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. 3174

Erich Lichtenwalter headshot 

Erich Lichtenwalter

Community Health Worker

“My role is about relationship building and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. On the surface, I connect community members to resources, but I also enjoy being able to provide a safe space for our clients to talk so that I can gain a deeper understanding of their needs."
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. [   ] 

Mary Harris 

Mary Harris, RN, BSN


“I love this work because it allows me an opportunity to help those in the community take part in improving and maintaining their health care. It also allows me the flexibility of days and hours to work.” 
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. 5406

Monica Constable 

Monica Constable, RN, BSN


“I enjoy working at the center because it gives me the opportunity to work with the community and its residents. I enjoy being a part of something that I believe will produce positive change and bring a community together to help each other by caring for each other."
Phone: 269.927.5448 

Marilyn Haynes 

Marilyn Haynes

Medical Receptionist

“We all share the same vision and mission. This truly creates a safe and rewarding environment where we are there for each other and has the same goal to enhance our community. I have a front row seat watching the process of ideas grow into an awesome and gratifying place to work and help our community.” 
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. 3170

NaVacio Ficklen 

NaVacio Ficklen

Front Desk Patient Services Representative

"The center is located in the heart of the city that I'm from. I'm excited to engage and equip the community with resources to better their health and wellness."
Phone: 269.408.2258 ext. 13174

Siobhan Leonard 

Siobhan Leonard


“I believe in action over ideals, the prioritization of transparency, and accountability in systems and leadership. As an evaluator in qualitative research and analysis, I focus on tracking the evolution of the health equity strategy at Spectrum Health Lakeland and the progress of the center."