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Time: Jul 21, 2023 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Black River Barn
07737 73rd Street
South Haven, MI
Contact Phone: 2699832707

Lory's Place invites you to an evening of dinner, live music and fundraising activities. Enjoy an environment designed for spending time with friends.

Proceeds from this event support meaningful grief healing and education programs. These vital services are available to our friends and neighbors at no cost because you believe in offering hope and healing to our community.

Friday, July 21 | 5:30 -11:00 p.m.

Purchase tickets online by clicking here | $125 per person, includes one drink.

Drink tickets | $5 per ticket
Beer or Wine: one ticket
Mixed drinks or Liquor: two tickets
No tickets needed for non-alcoholic beverages


$100 per ticket (winners announced during the event)
First prize - $2,000
Second prize - $1,000
Third prize - $500

Silent Auction
Bid on silent auction items sponsored by Lory’s Place board members.

Libation Pull | $20 per pull
Prizes include an assorted selection of wines and liquors donated by Lory’s Place board members and volunteers. Players choose wrapped bottles of wine or liquor at random.

All donations are being processed through GiveSmart. You can check out virtually via the link sent to your phone at the end of the night or in person at the checkout area.

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