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Product Review: Instant Pot™

by Robin Hebard, RD, CSOWM | Aug 29, 2018

I’m sure at this point most of you have heard about the amazing Instant Pot™.

I purchased one last week and have already used it three times!

If you aren’t familiar with the Instant Pot™, listen up! The Instant Pot™ is a programmable electric pressure cooker/multi-function cooker that can possibly replace several other appliances in your kitchen such as: rice cooker, slow cooker, pot, pan, steamer, etc. 

There are several brands available, so the prices will vary. As for the Instant Pot™ brand, they run anywhere from $80-180 depending on size. They come in 3-, 5-, 6- or 8-quart options, and can be purchased at most kitchen appliance retailers, such as Kohls, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, etc. 

The Instant Pot™ comes with an instruction manual, and I highly recommend reading it all the way through, as there are so many different functions and features. Due to the steam release, make sure you follow the instructions to avoid steam burns!


  • You only dirty one appliance and can move from sauté to pressure cook to warm, all in one pot. Once it cools, clean the stainless-steel pot and the lid and you are ready for your next recipe! 


  • It can be confusing to work and converting recipes from another cooking form (slow cooker) to Instant pot can be tricky. 

I purchased the 7-in-1 Duo Series 6-quart option and have made several separate meals in the pot this week including boiled eggs, and Chicken Carnitas. The boiled eggs were easy to make, but the Chicken Carnitas were by far the best recipe! You could easily make the  recipe in a slow cooker instead, however the entire meal only took me 35 minutes and the flavor was amazing! The longest part of the process was letting the pot come to pressure, which took 8-10 minutes.

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Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Instant Pot™ and would highly recommend it for meal prepping or easy week night meals. It makes being prepared and staying on track a whole lot easier!