Stop tolerating constant pain

OrthopedicsYou know something isn’t right. You’ve had that stiff shoulder, bad knee, or painful hip for months now; or has it been longer? When was the last time you felt good and moved freely?

People who experience joint pain often tolerate it far too long. They tell themselves that it’s going to get better, they’re just getting older, or it’s not bad enough to see a doctor.


Our patients are usually referred to us by their family doctor for care. However, a doctor’s referral is not necessary. To request an appointment with a Lakeland orthopedics specialist, call 269.684.6484. We accept most insurance and health plans, including Medicare. You will be asked to pay any co- payments at the time of your appointment.

Just starting the process and not ready for an appointment just yet? Contact a member of our team to receive more information about a specific procedure or condition.

Get back to living your life

Individuals with chronic joint pain find their daily activities restricted such as walking, going up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs, exercise, leisure, recreation, and work. If you have moderate to severe knee pain while resting, either day or night, swelling of the knee that does not improve with rest or medication, bowing in or out of your knee, or the inability to bend or straighten your knee, you should consider speaking up and talk with your medical provider.

When arthritis prevents you from walking, turning, or bending, when pain continues while resting, or stiffness in your hip limits your ability to move or lift your leg, it’s time to consult your local orthopedic specialist. He may be able to help relieve your pain, restore your mobility and independence, and return you to work and other normal activities.

Our services

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and repair
  • Arthritis care
  • Bone fracture care
  • Bunion treatment
  • Elbow reconstruction
  • General orthopedics
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Meniscus repair
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder decompressions treatment, including surgery
  • Sports medicine injury care
  • Tendonitis care
  • Total joint replacement (shoulder, knee, hip)
  • Treatment for trigger finger
  • Trauma and reconstructive surgery
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