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Berrien Springs

Corewell Health Primary Care
9045 US Highway 31
P: (269) 473-2222

 • Deanna Fulbright, DO
 • Lowell Hamel, MD
 • Katrina Hamel, PA
 • Katherine Keith, MD
 • Linda Song, NP
 • Michael Quion, MD


Corewell Health Southwestern Medical
Primary Care

9625 Red Arrow Highway 
P: (269) 465-6050

 • Tringo Dessie, NP 
 • Daniel Hayward, MD
 • Pamela Klint, NP
 • James Kroeze, DO
 • Jonathan Osburn, MD
 • Maleah Walters, NP


Corewell Health Southwestern Medical
Primary Care

1045 E. Front Street
P: (269) 695-5540

 • Audrey Wedde, DO
 • Olivia Cochran, NP
 • Derek Henderson, PA


Corewell Health Primary Care
6701 Paw Paw Avenue
P: (269) 463-3600

• Andrea Edgerly, NP
• Jon Ferlmann, DO
• Susan Kasko, DO
• Michael Mayle, DO
• Michelle Powell, NP


Corewell Health Primary Care
525 S. Center Street 
P: (269) 463-3600

• Jay Shah, MD


Corewell Health Primary Care
4 Longmeadow Village Drive
P: (269) 684-6000

 • John Howard, MD
 • Lindsey Kinney, DO
 • Max Schaefer, DO
 • Prakash Shrestha, MD
 • Tracy Tacket, DO
 • Raul Torres, DO


Corewell Health Southwestern Medical
Primary Care

2002 S. 11th Street
P: (269) 687-0200

• Rex Cabaltica, MD
• Brad Ferrari, MD
• Olivia Cochran, NP
• Daniel Jones, MD
• Elizabeth McGlothlin, MD
• Daniel Metzger, MD
• Garrett Muhlstadt, DO
• Shannon Twiddy, MD
• Chelsea Wagner, NP
• Jordan Wagner, PA


Corewell Health Southwestern Medical
Primary Care

5515 Cleveland Avenue
P: (269) 429-9644

• Brian Facione, DO
• Eli Sager, DO
• Troy Thompson, MD
• Jill Wang, MD
• Jennifer Williams, NP

St. Joseph

Corewell Health Primary Care
3950 Hollywood Road, Suite 270
P: (269) 983-0500

• Kamelia Burrell-Fowler, NP
• Sharon Deskins, MD
• John Gosling, MD
• Alexander Hinckley, DO
• Esther Servillas, MD
• Jay Shah, MD
• Roxanne Wolfram, NP

St. Joseph

Corewell Health Southwestern Medical Primary Care
4077 S. Cleveland Avenue
P: (269) 429-2992

 • Daniel Benson, DO
 • Erin Hayden, NP
 • Hollie Nate, PA


Corewell Health Watervliet Hospital Primary Care
400 Medical Park Drive, Suite 200
P: (269) 463-3600

• Barbara Glassford, NP
• Erika Nearpass, DO

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Physician Video Profile: Esther Servillas, MD (Internal Medicine)

Esther Servillas, MD is a physician practicing internal medicine and geriatrics at Corewell Health Primary Care - Royalton Family and Internal Medicine in St. Joseph, MI.

Physician Video Profile: Barbara Glassford, NP (Family Medicine)

Barbara Glassford, NP, offers a range of care for adults in the primary care setting, from routine wellness to coordinated care management for patients who may have more complex needs and see a variety of specialists.

Provider Video Profile: Pansy Samuel, N.P. (Cardiology)

Pansy Samuel, NP, is part of an experienced team at Corewell Health trained specifically to care for people with cardiovascular conditions.

Patricia McCarthy, N.P. (Pulmonary & Critical Care)

Patricia McCarty’s, N.P., wide range of patient management experience enables her to connect with patients to understand the root causes of their condition and find solutions.

Physician Video Profile: Garrett Muhlstadt, D.O. (Family Medicine)

Dr. Muhlstadt empowers patients to feel educated and confident in their health and discover care plans best suited for their lifestyle.

Check-up: Understanding COPD and its causes (Jeffrey Grondin, MD)

COPD can be triggered by genetic conditions and environmental factors at work and home.

Physician Video Profile: Kamelia Burrell-Fowler, NP (Family Medicine)

Burrell-Fowler’s approach to care is focused on listening, empowering and educating patients as they collaboration to develop a plan of care tailored to each unique individual.

Check-up: Health check for turning 45 (Lindsey Kinney, DO)

A colonoscopy helps prevent colon cancer and can address and test areas of concern.

Check-up: The importance of routine health care (Lindsey Kinney, DO)

Prioritizing regular, yearly health screening can have major impacts to your long-term health.

Check-up: Measles; very contagious and unpleasant (Raul Torres, DO)

Raul Torres, DO, explains that this is something we hadn’t seen for a long time and the way to prevent it is through vaccination.

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