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NEW Primary Care Options for You


Virtual Primary Care

A new kind of primary care has arrived.

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Bridgman Primary Care

Opening late August 2024.

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Dowagiac Primary Care

520 Main St, Dowagiac, MI

Join us at our open house.

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Primary Care is vital to your overall health

At Corewell Health, we believe in providing you with one place to address both your health concerns and proactive ways to maintain your health. We offer a full range of options from pediatrics to internal medicine, family medicine and aging medicine.

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All of our primary care offices are currently accepting new patients. We also have providers who can offer same day and early morning appointments to suit your busy schedule.

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Your primary care resource.

No matter who you choose, all of our primary care providers:

  1. Are trained in family medicine, internal medicine, internal medicine/pediatrics or pediatrics
  2. Offer in-person and/or virtual visits (except Virtual Primary Care)
  3. Have 24/7 scheduling and nurse support for health concerns and appointments, to help you determine where to get care based on your symptoms.

Offer free interpreting services for more than 20 languages such as မြန်မာ, Español, Tiếng Việt, Ikinyarwanda and Swahili


Preventive care can lower overall health care costs

Even if you’re generally healthy, it’s important to connect with your provider every year. Your provider will review your medical history and check your weight, blood pressure and more. It’s also a great time to talk about your mental health, lifestyle and any wellness goals. Your provider may also do a physical exam, order lab work, or recommend immunizations and routine screenings.

Preventive visits and screenings can help you manage your health goals, keep you healthy and catch developing issues early. The earlier an issue is caught, the faster your provider can act on a treatment plan, which may reduce your health care costs in the long run.