Sleep Studies


Diagnosing Sleep Disorders

In order to accurately diagnosis a sleep disorder, some patients may benefit from a polysomnogram which records brain function and physical activity (breathing, snoring, heart rate, oxygen levels, and movements) during sleep. All data collected during the sleep study is analyzed and interpreted by board-certified sleep specialists.

The Lakeland Sleep Disorders and Treatment Center, with locations in the Niles and St. Joseph hospitals, offer soundproof, private, home-like bedrooms.

Some patients may also benefit from a home sleep test which measures your breathing and blood oxygen levels and provides the necessary information to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep testing from the comfort of home 

Looking for a sleep apnea test form the comfort of your own bedroom? Lakeland Sleep Disorder and Treatment Center offers at home sleep apnea testing. During your home sleep study track and record body functions while you’re asleep in your own bed. The results of the study will help diagnose sleep apnea and plan your treatment. Click the link below to receive more information. 

At Home Sleep Testing