Lakeland Primary Care Locations

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Southwestern Medical Clinic 
9625 Red Arrow Highway 
P: (269) 465-6050

 • Daniel Hayward, MD
 • Pamela Klint, NP
 • Tobin Klint, NP
 • James Kroeze, DO
 • Jonathan Osburn, MD
 • Ann Rahe, NP
 • Tanya Sobaski, NP


Southwestern Medical Clinic 
1045 E. Front Street
P: (269) 695-5540

 • Audrey Carrier, DO
 • Olivia Hemlock, NP
 • Derek Henderson, PA
 • Julia Kostyuk, NP


Lakeland Primary Care 
6701 Paw Paw Avenue
P: (269) 463-3600

 • Susan Kasko, DO
 • Michael Mayle, DO
 • Brandi Smith, NP


Lakeland Primary Care 
525 S. Center Street 
P: (269) 463-3600

 • Erika Nearpass, DO
 • Trever Portenga, PA
 • Jay Shah, MD
 • Leon Sherburn, DO


Lakeland Primary Care, Longmeadow
4 Longmeadow Village Drive
P: (269) 684-6000

 • John Howard, MD
 • Rosa Johnson, DO
 • Prakash Shrestha, MD
 • Douglas Tacket, DO
 • Tracy Tacket, DO
 • Raul Torres, DO


Southwestern Medical Cinic
2002 S. 11th Street
P: (269) 687-0200

 • Rex Cabaltica, MD
 • Brad Ferrari, MD
 • Daniel Jones, MD
 • Elizabeth McGlothlin, MD
 • Jonathan Steen, DO
 • Shannon Twiddy, MD
 • Jordan Wagner, PA
 • Jennifer Young, NP


Southwestern Medical Clinic
5515 Cleveland Avenue
P: (269) 429-9644

• Shannon Brown, PA
• Brandon Cole, DO
• Brian Facione, DO
• Ian Jackson, MD
• Betty Moore, NP
• Troy Thompson, MD
• Jill Wang, MD
• Jennifer Williams, NP

St. Joseph

Lakeland Primary Care, Royalton
3950 Hollywood Road, Suite 270
P: (269) 983-0500

• Alexander Hinckley, DO
• Sharon Deskins, MD
• John Gosling, MD
• Mark Smalley, DO

Lakeland Primary Care, St. Joseph
2500 Niles Road, Suite 1
P: (269) 983-3380

• Deanna Rucano, NP
• Jay Shah, MD
• Donald Wolfram, MD
• Roxanne Wolfram, NP

St. Joseph

Southwestern Medical Cinic
4077 S. Cleveland Avenue
P: (269) 429-2992

 • Daniel Benson, DO
 • Elizabeth Egle, MD
 • Erin Hayden, NP


Lakeland Primary Care, Watervliet
400 Medical Park Drive, Suite 200
P: (269) 463-3600

• Michele Brock, AGNP
• Erika Nearpass, DO


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