It’s the little things that deliver big smiles

Having a baby is an exciting time in your life – and at the BirthPlace in our Niles and St. Joseph hospitals, we want to make it a healthy time. Our family of obstetric and pediatric physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, midwives, and lactation consultant strive to continuously provide our moms, babies, and families a safe, nationally-recognized, and high-quality experience. 

Some of the little things that make the BirthPlace a special space for you a baby:

  • Access to pediatric specialists 24/7
  • Experienced and loving health care professionals
  • Intimate family-centered birthing suites
  • Newly renovated rooms
  • Online nursery for friends and family who can’t be present
  • Daily serenity hours
  • Continued support throughout your delivery until you depart home
  • Ongoing new parent education

Your baby's safety is at the heart of what we do.

mi aimSpectrum Health Lakeland Niles Hospital proudly earned a platinum designation for maternal care from the Michigan Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (MI AIM). Spectrum Health Lakeland Medical Center in St. Joseph also earned gold level designation, the second highest ranking.

MI AIM works with birthing hospitals to reduce and eliminate preventable maternal mortality and severe morbidity. Hospitals implement structured “safety bundle” plans to improve health outcomes for mothers to combat the leading causes of maternal mortality such as obstetric hemorrhage and severe hypertension. Safety bundle plans help hospitals by defining actionable protocols, education, equipment, and drills to prevent and treat serious maternal events. Learn more. 

EAMSpectrum Health Lakeland Niles Hospital was awarded Excellence in Maternity Care in 2021 for the second year in a row. The Economic Alliance for Michigan (EAM), a nonprofit group comprised of Michigan’s largest employers and unions, has awarded Lakeland Hospital Niles with the  2021 Maternity Care Excellence Award for demonstrated excellence in maternity care and delivery outcome. 

The awards are part of EAM’s Maternity Care Project. Created in 2018, the project goals are to decrease the state’s infant mortality rate, reduce the rate of unnecessary C-sections, and be an educational resource for new and expecting parents residing in Michigan. Learn more

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Our Patients Say it Best

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Birth in the midst of COVID-19

Destini Hill
Dec, 2020
My nurse's comforting words got me through labor.

Support Through it All

Amber Zoschke


Kenneth Kaufmann, MD.
Sep, 2020
My baby and I were always a priority.

We Were In Great Hands

Anjana Gupta
Sep, 2020
The BirthPlace team was so supportive.

The Scariest Five Minutes of My Life

Jacklynn Armstrong
Sep, 2019
My care team was so attentive.

Two Special Birthdays

Taleah Adams
May, 2019
I felt so supported the entire time.

Finally a Family of Three

Michelle Coy
Apr, 2019
I am so thankful for the care I received at the Niles BirthPlace.

1 in 80,000 Odds

Nafitiri Mills
Mar, 2019
The way they care for the babies is so genuine.

A Wedding Day Delivery

Matt and Kristin Ross
Mar, 2019
Trust your care team, they’ve done this a lot, they know what they’re doing.

No Complications

Sasha Thompson


Alissa Conklin, MD
Nov, 2018
Dr. Conklin explained what we needed to do and why. She was the warmest doctor I’ve ever met.

A Miracle Birth

Lucia Higgins


Alissa Conklin, MD
Nov, 2018
Dr. Conklin made it all very personal while still ensuring both the baby and I were safe.
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