It’s no secret…women are different. 

group of womanThroughout your journey as a woman, you have special health needs. Lakeland is committed to offering exemplary care in each stage of life. Whether you are preparing for a birth, managing menopause symptoms, or diagnosing any number of disorders we are ready for you. 

As a wife, partner, daughter, friend, mother, you make decisions every day about the care and well-being of those around you. By choosing women’s health at Spectrum Health Lakeland, you can be confident that you’ve made the right decision for you, so you can be at your best—for yourself and those who depend on you.

It’s your journey. And we’ll be right beside you with the skills and expertise you need to ensure you get the most advanced and thorough care possible.

We help with a variety of services and can provide care for: 

Breast Care
Heart and vascular care
Incontinence, bladder, and pelvic health 
Miscarriage support
Pregnancy care
Routine well-woman exams, PAP smear and cervical cancer screenings
Weight management 


We all have a story to share.
We provide personalized health care to ensure you have the best possible experience while in our care. Each individual treatment and care plan at Lakeland is just as unique as your are. We are your partners in your health care journey. 

Women throughout Southwest Michigan and beyond share their health care experiences at Spectrum Health Lakeland in the stories below.

Do you have a story to share? Click on the "What's Your Story" button and complete the form. 

What's Your Story?

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Putting yourself first

Shari Ahlgrim
May, 2021
I am a stronger person now.

Birth in the midst of COVID-19

Destini Hill
Dec, 2020
My nurse's comforting words got me through labor.

Support Through it All

Amber Zoschke


Kenneth Kaufmann, MD.
Sep, 2020
My baby and I were always a priority.

We Were In Great Hands

Anjana Gupta
Sep, 2020
The BirthPlace team was so supportive.

Restoring Confidence

Shelly Morlock
Jun, 2020
I knew I would be in good hands.

The Scariest Five Minutes of My Life

Jacklynn Armstrong
Sep, 2019
My care team was so attentive.

The Path to Healing

Carolyn Drier


May, 2019
My wound healed so well.

Nothing to Laugh At

Carol Hageman
May, 2019
I knew he had my best interests in mind.

Two Special Birthdays

Taleah Adams
May, 2019
I felt so supported the entire time.

A Lesson in Acceptance

Evelyn & Carrie Zak
Apr, 2019
A lot of people ask questions about her helmet. I love educating people on something that's helping enhance my daughter's life.
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Learn more about surgical options for treating breast cancer and how reconstruction following a mastectomy can help women feel confident in their body again.

Check-up: Breast cancer surgery (Maria Rapciak, DO)

Surgery is a common treatment for breast cancer. It’s done to remove as much of the cancer as possible. General surgeon, Maria Rapciak, DO, explains the types of surgical options available to women and the factors that go into creating a plan of care.

Check-up: Breast augmentation vs. breast lift (Nicole Phillips, MD)

Plastic surgeon, Nicole Phillips, MD, shares more about the customized breast augmentation and breast lift techniques offered at Stonegate Plastic Surgery.

Maternity and the COVID-19 vaccine

With many questions around expectant mothers getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Spectrum Health maternal-fetal medicine physician David Colombo, MD, shares information that moms need to know about their decision.

Physician video profile: Nicole Phillips, MD (Plastic Surgery)

Nicole Phillips, MD, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Stonegate Plastic Surgery.

Check-Up: What is breast reconstruction?

Plastic surgeon, Nicole Phillips, MD, discusses how breast reconstruction can dramatically improve a woman’s appearance, self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Breast reconstruction: Shelly Morlock "A restored sense of confidence"

A small, cancerous lump in Shelly Morlock's right breast required a mastectomy along with a full course of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Plastic Surgery Secrets (Ginard Henry, MD)

Plastic surgeon, Ginard Henry, MD, answers questions and address concerns people may have about plastic surgery.

Wound Center: Carolyn Drier “The Path to Healing”

Carolyn Drier suffered a fall in the parking lot that resulted in a small lesion on her knee. After her wound would not heal she scheduled a visit to the Lakeland Wound Center in Niles.

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