Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center

At the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center, our goal is to provide great physical, spiritual and emotional care. We want to help you and your loved ones be as comfortable as possible, and create space for all the moments, big and small, that are a part of this important time.

The Hanson Hospice Center was a gift from the community, for the community, as a home-away-from-home for people in a variety of situations.

Some of these are people:

  • Who have specialized needs and care requirements
  • Who do not have a caregiver
  • Whose caregivers are frail themselves
  • Who prefer to have their family together at a place other than home
  • Who need additional support in the final weeks of life, or as symptoms become difficult to manage in the family home


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