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We post regular content that focuses on important health topics and issues that affect you and your family with tips and advice from health experts right here at Lakeland.

Medicare 101: Everything you need to know

Jan 22, 2024
When you turn 65, you qualify for Medicare. With premiums, copays and coverage, it can be hard to tell which plans have the best combination of features to fit your health needs. Priority health can help you navigate which plan works best for you.

A hands-on approach to health and healing

Jan 22, 2024
Corewell Health Primary Care - Longmeadow expanded their osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) which supports the body's natural self-healing ability to restore well-being, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Eight healthy foods that can lift your mood

Jan 22, 2024
When you feel down you may be drawn to high-sugar, calorie-filled comfort foods. These won't help in the long term and can have harmful results. Instead, look for nutritious foods shown to boost mood and overall health.

5 screenings that matter most for men

Jan 22, 2024
Annual checkup appointments help people stay on top of screenings to identify illness early, when it's most treatable. The five screenings that matter most for men are, mental health, skin cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Do You Know the Risk Factors for Heart Disease?

Jun 29, 2023
In Southwest Michigan, nearly 84,000 adults are at risk for developing heart disease. While age and family history are risk factors that are out of your control, here are seven things that you can do now

A New Take on Proteins

Jun 29, 2023
The term “meatless” suggests going without. But choosing alternative protein sources for a meal or two per week can have you gaining benefits to your overall health.

Tips to Help Lighten Grief

Jun 29, 2023
When a loved one dies, life is never the same. We miss our person; roles are redirected and moves may happen. The death can rearrange our world in ways we may have never imagined.

Home Fire Safety: Is Your Family Prepared?

Jun 29, 2023
Each year, thousands of adults and children are injured or killed in home fires. Children are often curious about fire and may not understand the dangers.

The Importance of Good Health at Work

Jun 29, 2023
Our health affects every aspect of our life. If we are not feeling at our best, it can make home and work a real challenge.

A Solution to a Common Issue

Jun 29, 2023
Hernias are an incredibly common medical condition, and they can affect adults and children. While it is a common issue, it will not go away on its own.

Study Finds a New Hip or Knee Could be Good for Your Marriage

Jun 29, 2023
Could orthopedic surgery have major benefits to more than just the patient?

How Can Hospice Help?

Jun 29, 2023
Learning what hospice care is and how services can help extend quality of life, can help family and loved ones who may be afraid.

Check-up: Understanding hernia

May 25, 2023
A hernia is a common condition, but untreated, it can cause serious health issues.

Check-up: Finding the right surgeon

May 25, 2023
You should feel confident in your surgeon and care plan. Learn what questions you should be asking your surgeon.

Could a knee replacement be the answer?

Apr 27, 2023
Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures in the United States but putting it off can cause months or even years of unnecessary suffering.

Check-up: What is a general surgeon?

Apr 24, 2023
General surgeon, Nathan Piovesan, MD, is trained in a wide variation of surgical care, medical diseases, holistic health and a variety of subspecialties.

Check-up: Trauma doctor, masters of emergency surgeries

Apr 24, 2023
General surgeon, Nathan Piovesan, MD, is part of the surgical team that responds to emergency traumas and coordinates with neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery provider to create a plan of action.

Check-up: Cutting out colon cancer with surgery

Apr 24, 2023
Benjamin Sopczynski, MD, explains what a colectomy is and how it can be used to remove colon cancer.

Check-up: Solutions for recurring hernia

Apr 24, 2023
Hernia repairs are common—inguinal hernia repair is among the most frequently performed surgery in America

Check-up: Urinary tract infections

Apr 03, 2023
Urinary tract infections or UTIs are common in children and adults, but are most prevalent in women. Watch Dr. Roos share tips for UTI prevention and treatment.

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Check-Up: The Serious Side of Acid Reflux (John Gosling, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland internist, John Gosling, MD, talks about the warning signs and symptoms of severe acid reflux and consequences if untreated.

Cooking for Your Heart (David Chalupa, PA and Courtney Dixon, RD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland clinicians David Chalupa, PA, and registered dietitian, Courtney Dixon, cook up a heart-healthy meal while talking about risk factors for heart disease.

Check-Up: Common Heart Valve Problems (Dave Chalupa, PA)

Spectrum Health Lakeland physician assistant, David Chalupa describes different heart valve conditions and what it means to have a leaky valve.

Check-Up: What Does Cardiac Rehab Involve? (Brett Hoseth, PA)

Spectrum Health Lakeland physician assistant, Brett Hoseth, provides a quick explanation about who may need cardiac rehabilitation and how long it lasts.

Check-Up: What is an Angiogram? (Jerome Kuhnlein, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland cardiologist, Jerome Kuhnlein, MD, explains how an angiogram can help determine if an angioplasty is needed to improve blood flow through the heart.

Check-Up: Powered by a Pacemaker (Jerome Kuhnlein, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland cardiologist, Jerome Kuhnlein, MD, describes how a pacemaker gets implanted under the collarbone to help regulate heart rhythm issues.

Check-Up: Blood Thinners (Christopher Chiu, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland cardiologist, Christopher Chiu, MD, explains why a person would need to be prescribed a blood thinner and the importance of measuring the blood’s thickness to prevent clots.

Check-Up: What is a Widow Maker? (Christopher Chiu, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland cardiologist, Christopher Chiu, MD, explains what a widow maker heart attack is and why it’s serious.

Check-Up: Why Salt is Bad for Heart Failure (Christopher Chiu, MD)

Spectrum Health Lakeland cardiologist, Christopher Chiu, explains why too much salt can have bad side-effects for patients with congestive heart failure.

Check-Up: Postpartum Depression is Not Your Fault (Meredith Sheldon, MA, LLPC)

Southwestern Medical Clinic counselor, Meredith Sheldon, talks about why women may experience postpartum depression and how treatment can help people cope.

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