Healthy Pregnancy

PregnantWoman_with_MidwifeYour healthy delivery day starts with great pre-natal care 

Before getting pregnant, you may have already adopted good health habits to get ready for your baby. But if you didn’t, you can start today.

One of the first steps is learning how to take care of yourself. See a healthcare provider as soon as you think you may be pregnant. They can provide you with resources to care for yourself and your baby throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for your delivery day. 

If you are still looking for a doctor, the team at Spectrum Health Lakeland is here for you. Connect with a member of the obstetrics and gynecology team, here

What happens on delivery day?

At the BirthPlace, we are here to provide you the attention and support you need for a happy, healthy delivery. 

Whether this is your first baby, or you are continuing to build your family, we are committed to helping you
every step of the way. So, you can feel confident on delivery day that your health and the health of your
family is our highest priority.


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