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Financial Counseling

Worried about your medical costs? Get help now.

At Spectrum Health Lakeland helping people is at heart of what we do. Our commitment to you is personalized health made simple, affordable and exceptional, so that our patients and their families have the best experience possible.

We understand that tough times happen. Our financial counselors are here to help, regardless of your situation.

Spectrum Health Lakeland offer free services to assist with your billing needs. Get started today with an in person meeting, virtual appointment or phone consultation. For more information, or to schedule a free appointment, call 844.408.4103, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Counselors can also be reached at or by submitting a request in the button below.

A financial counselor can help you with a variety of circumstances:
  • Answer questions about your bill
  • Assist with financial assistance applications
  • Complete Health Exchange/Medicaid application
  • Set up low-interest payment plans
  • Provide estimates for future services
Connect With a Financial Counselor

What financial counseling support can look like

two-hands-together-heart-symbol-handshake-icon-vector-id1215031025 (1)"I needed someone to have my back," shares Erika Haas, a 36-year-old Benton Harbor resident, who found herself days away from spine surgery following an injury at work.

“When I received a cost estimate for my surgery, I panicked and immediately hung up,” said Erika. “Luckily, the person on the other end didn’t give up on me.”

As a financial counselor at Spectrum Health Lakeland, Tamera Seeley knew that with the right help, Erika could find financial relief from her situation. After connecting again, Tamera came ready with resources to help Erika as she faced the upcoming costs of surgery, an MRI scan, physical therapy, and doctor bills.

“We explored financial assistance options that would work for Erika,” said Tamera. “Many of these services can help significantly, but to qualify, patients must be signed up prior to surgery. That’s where our team comes in. By meeting with a financial counselor before a surgery or a major procedure we can help identify programs like Michigan Rehabilitation Services, a community resource group that provides patients experiencing financial difficulties the services they need to return to work."

In addition to financial assistance programs, Tamera was able to help Erika set up a payment plan through HELP Financial. Spectrum Health Lakeland partners with HELP Financial to offer flexible payment options with low interest rates, combine multiple medical billing accounts, and offer automatic payment options.

Knowing her financial situation was under control, as Erika entered her surgery, she could look forward to healing. Erika’s advice to anyone concerned with medical costs: “Don’t put it off. Connect with a financial counselor first thing so they can help you with your situation.”

Get a Price Estimate

Create your own estimate for shoppable services through Lakeland MyChart (it can be used with or without an active Lakeland MyChart account). Estimates will be unique to you based on your insurance plan.

Insurance Billing

It is important that you contact your insurance company to determine and initiate any precertification requirements. 

We will file your insurance claim with your primary and secondary insurance companies if we receive all the required information and authorization. We will also assist you by sending requested information to your insurer. However, the responsibility remains yours to ensure that Spectrum Health Lakeland is paid for our services rendered to you. You are ultimately responsible for any unpaid balances. If you believe there is an error in identifying your insurance coverage, please let us know immediately.

If insurance information is not provided at the time services are given, and you later supply us with this information, we will submit a claim to your insurance if it has been less than one year since your visit. Because many insurance companies have strict notification and filing guidelines, the insurance company may deny your claim for failure to meet these requirements at the time of service. Should this be the case, you will be responsible for the unpaid portion of your bill.

Medicaid Eligibility

Lakeland works with MedAssist to help our patients who qualify for Medicaid obtain this coverage. The assistance is free. Ask any Lakeland financial counselor for more information about eligibility requirements.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available — on a limited, per account basis — to patients who are unable to pay their hospital bill. Assistance is based on income and assets using the federal poverty guidelines to determine eligibility. An application must be completed and returned to the patient accounts department along with verification of your income and assets.

Physician Bills

In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive separate bills from one or more physician offices. Many physician specialists are not hospital employees, so it is necessary for them to bill for their services separately. These bills may cover services provided by doctors in the Emergency Department, and/or reading diagnostic tests, for example. If you have questions about a bill from a physician, call the number on the bill or contact the physician’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my insurance covers?
Not all services are covered by all insurance contracts. To find out what your plan covers, call the customer or member services department of your insurance company. The phone numbers are on your insurance card. Your employer, or the company your insurance is offered through, may be able to help answer this question.

Do I have to pay more if my insurance is out of network?
It is important that you understand your health insurance plan so you will be prepared for any medical expenses that may not be covered. If Lakeland is considered to be out of network by your health insurance provider, it is possible that you will be responsible for paying some or all of your medical expenses. Contact your health insurance plan to find out what you may be responsible for paying.

What if I disagree with a charge on my hospital bill?
Lakeland has a team of registered nurse auditors to ensure that we charge the same for each procedure or test, regardless of a patient’s financial status. Patients can request an audit of charges if they believe there is an error. Please understand that we will audit the entire account and not limit it to one specific charge. If we discover any errors on the account, we will correct them, regardless of whether they raise or lower the overall bill. It is our mission to charge and bill patients and insurers consistently and compliantly, and to abide by Medicare billing guidelines.

Can I set up payment plans? 
Lakeland partnered with Commerce Bank for extended payment plans.

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