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  • Get Moving After a Cancer Diagnosis

    Get Moving After a Cancer Diagnosis

    After a cancer diagnosis, your mind might be racing. Going to an aerobics class is probably your last thought. If you’ve already started treatment, the idea of exercise may make you feel even more tired than you already are. But many studies show that exercise is actually safe and realistic during cancer treatment.

  • Men Aren’t as Healthy as They Think

    Men Aren’t as Healthy as They Think

    If you’re like most men—two-thirds, to be exact—you think you’re healthier than the average guy. That’s according to a new national survey of about 900 men.

  • ‘What’s Causing My Pelvic Pain?’

    ‘What’s Causing My Pelvic Pain?’

    Pelvic pain is a common problem for women. It’s a general term for pain that occurs below the belly button. That includes pain in the lower belly, lower back, buttocks, and genital area. About 14% of women in the U.S. have pelvic pain lasting for at least three to six months. Many others experience it occasionally.

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Is It Just a Cough—Or Childhood Asthma?

Is It Just a Cough—Or Childhood Asthma?

Most children have respiratory illnesses every now and then. But coughing and wheezing are symptoms of asthma in children.


Hepatitis Quiz

Viral hepatitis comes in several forms, and all of them can make you very sick. Some forms of the virus can be eliminated from the body, but other forms remain for a lifetime. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of hepatitis.



Bursitis is an inflammation of a closed sac of fluid located near the joints called a bursa. When the bursa becomes inflamed, it causes joint pain and swelling. Learn about the causes and treatment of bursitis, as well as what you can do to help prevent its recurrence.

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