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  • Statin Medicines: Get the Facts, Stat!

    Statin Medicines: Get the Facts, Stat!

    Several types of medicine can lower cholesterol levels. But a group of medicines called statins are the first choice for most people. Studies have shown that they can substantially reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke in at-risk individuals. Here are the key facts you need to know about these widely used medicines.

  • Seniors: Find Your Strength Inspiration

    Seniors: Find Your Strength Inspiration

    Strength training. It’s something we know we’re supposed to do, but it can be so easy ignore. After all, gyms are intimidating—especially for older adults—and not everyone is motivated by the thought of bigger, stronger muscles.

  • Could a Counselor Help You?

    Could a Counselor Help You?

    Talking can be good medicine. Whether you’re concerned about a difficult relationship, low moods, an overload of stress, or frustrations at work or home—or you’re trying to cope with feelings that just seem overwhelming at times—working with a counselor or therapist can help you make positive changes in your life.

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Claudication is pain in your thigh, calf, or buttocks that happens when you walk. It may be a symptom of peripheral artery disease (PAD). This is when narrowed or blocked arteries reduce the blood flow to your legs.


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There are millions of pet cats in the U.S. Sometimes cats can cause an illness called cat scratch disease. Find out more about this illness by taking this quiz.


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