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Grief and Loss

*Grief and Loss ... individual's personality, spiritual beliefs, cultural background, and family and community dynamics. For ... in the company of the bereaved. They, too, are thinking about their loved one. It's acceptable and

Keeping Bullying and Violence Out of Schools

instead of fighting, and seeking an adult's help when needed. Communicating about problems at school ... Keeping Bullying and Violence Out of Schools School should be a safe place for children, where ... safety;children;school;fighting;bullying;weapons;violence;teachers;4550

Grief and Loss: The Process of Healing

*Grief and Loss ... events you can experience. Understanding grief and learning how to cope can help you heal and ... move forward with your life as you honor the person you miss. Grief and Loss: The Process of ... 4287;bereavement;death and dying

Discussing Death with Children

all ages need honest and accurate information about their illness, treatment options, and outlook ... fear are all acceptable. It's important to understand that all children and families are different ... child death;bereavement;grieving;grief;stages of grief;terminal illness child;P03046

Your Child's Asthma: School Strategies

*Asthma School Ch ... Managing Your Child's Asthma at School ... CDC has found that asthma-friendly schools work best when they have strong community support. All ... school staff need support from the school district and community. So speak up, give suggestions ... asthma;children with asthma;asthma education;school health services;cooperation;community support;dm3

Hospice or Palliative Care: Management

palliative care to prevent problems like nausea, low blood counts, and infection. Communication ... experience. Grief and bereavement When a person is very close to dying, their family members may ... hospice care;palliative care;legal and ethical issues with hospice care;23505-1

Communication Disorders in Children

*Communication Disorders Ch ... have problems with communicating. School-aged children often have problems understanding and ... and the severity of the communication disorder. If your child is school age, talk to the school ... communication disorders;expressive language disorder;mixed receptive-expressive language disorder ... ;speech-sound disorders;childhood-onset fluency disorder;social communication disorder;p02559

Grief and Bereavement: When a Child Dies

and painful for all who knew the child. This can include parents, siblings, relatives, friends, peers ... dies, but it can overcome all other emotions and lead to suicide. Call 988 if you or a family ... child death;bereavement;grieving;grief;stages of grief;terminal illness child;p03048

For Teens: Navigating School When You Have Cancer

*Cancer School Teen ... Depending on your cancer and treatment plan, you may be able to keep going to school. Or you ... tricky. You’re already juggling the complexities of school and getting ready to step into adulthood ... cancer treatment;cancer and school;16113

Providing Support for the Bereaved

when you are with the bereaved. They are also thinking about this person. It is acceptable and natural ... . Here are some helpful ideas. Providing Support for the Bereaved There are many things you ... support for bereaved;assist bereaved person;providing support;bereaved;p07318

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Diagnosis

*ALL Diagnosis ... If your healthcare provider thinks you might have ALL, you will need certain exams and tests ... the leukemia cells. This can be used to see if you have ALL and which subtype you have. It takes a ... acute lymphocytic leukemia;ALL;immunophenotyping and ALL;cytogenetic analysis and ALL;balld1a

Anticipatory Grief

anticipatory grief? Each person expresses grief and bereavement in their own way and time ... , missed proms and birthdays, or even what they are going to tell the child's teachers when school is ... anticipatory grief;anticipatory grief phases;mourning profess;terminal diagnosis;death;bereavement;P03043;death and dying

Family Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder

and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership). This group provides community outreach, online ... child and you. Autism symptoms can vary widely. Odd or incorrect behaviors, problems with communication

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

, or developmental disorder. SLPs assess, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent communication and ... swallowing disorders in adults and children. SLPs can work with many types of communication issues ... rehabilitation;rehab;speech pathologist;language pathologist;speech and language pathologist

Adjustment Disorders in Children

adjustment disorder? Adjustment disorders happen at all ages and are quite common in children and ... teens. They happen equally in boys and girls. They happen in all cultures. But the stressors and signs ... with anxiety;adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressed mood;adjustment disorder with disturbanc of ... conduct;adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct;adjustment disorder unspecified;P01573

Selective Mutism

. Using a structured approach to reinforce and encourage all efforts by your child to communicate ... speak fine in others. It can cause problems with school and social situations. Selective Mutism

Topic Index - Care of the Terminally Ill Child

Dying Process The Dying Process Grief and Bereavement ... child death, Anticipatory Grief, Dying Child, Supportive Care Child, Palliative Care Child, Hospice Care child, Dying Process, Grief, Bereavement

Community Re-Entry

*Community ReEntry ... Planning for a safe and accessible environment Community re-entry plans are individualized and ... planning re-entry into the community. Many times, adjustments, a transitional period, and modifications

Coping with Terminal Cancer

member, or spouse has on a family and community can’t be measured. Understanding how people at different ... age, religious beliefs, emotional development, and community. Movies, TV, and books are filled with ... ;infant and death;toddler and death;preschooler and death;school-age child and death;adolescents and ... coping terminal cancer;dealing with death;terminal cancer;death and cancer;children view death

School Refusal

Understanding School Refusal ... There are many reasons why a child would feel anxious and not want to go to school. Read on ... a term used to describe the signs of anxiety a school-aged child has and their refusal to go to ... school refusal;school refusal signs;school refusal diagnosis;school refusal management;p02288

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