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Volunteering at Lakeland Health is a great way to help your community – To locate opportunities of interest, click on one of the locations below:

Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph
Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet
Lakeland Hospital, Niles
Caring Circle

Rewards of Volunteering

Volunteering not only helps others...it helps you too!

Volunteering is fun and rewarding. Meet new people, learn new skills and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. All of our volunteers receive both formal and informal recognition, and celebrate their successes in many ways.

Volunteer Stories

Phyllis McFadden

Phyllis McFaddenUpon entering the doors of Lakeland Hospital, Niles one of the first things many people are greeted by is the smiling face of Information Desk Volunteer Phyllis McFadden.

Every Wednesday morning for the past seven years, Phyllis has helped direct patients who are coming in for tests and procedures and family and friends who are visiting loved ones throughout the hospital. She also delivers flowers to patient rooms and often simply lends an ear for those who need someone to talk to.

“The best part about volunteering is just being there for others in their time of need,” said Phyllis. “When someone is lost or it’s their first time at Lakeland and I can bring a smile to their face by saying, ‘I can help you, just follow me,’ it brightens my whole day.”

Aside from assisting at the Information Desk, Phyllis also volunteers her passion for crocheting. Over the years, Phyllis has knitted nearly 100 blankets for babies in the OB Department at the hospital.

“I know how much something as simple as a blanket can mean to a new mother and I love being able to use my talents to help someone in need,” said Phyllis.

Before she retired and became a volunteer, Phyllis worked in the Emergency Room at Lakeland Hospital, Niles for over 10 years.

Luke Linscheid

Luke-LinscheidFor Luke Linscheid, volunteering in the Emergency Room at Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph gives him an opportunity to gain firsthand experience while earning his nursing degree from Western Michigan University.

Originally from Broomfield, Colorado, Luke has been a volunteer in Lakeland’s ER since 2011. Each summer he dedicates countless hours to furthering his education in a fast-paced, hands-on clinical environment. Luke is mainly responsible for restocking and cleaning ER rooms, transporting patients out to their cars, and assisting ER staff in any way he can.

“I truly enjoy the education and experiences I gain from volunteering in the ER,” said Luke. “All of the doctors and nurses have been very kind to me and allowed me to observe and learn from them. Through this I have gained an invaluable understanding of what life in the ER is really like.”

Aside from volunteering in the ER, Luke has also volunteered with Lakeland’s medical staff at various community events including the Steelhead Ironman Triathlon and most recently in the first aid tent at the 2014 Senior PGA Tournament.
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