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Medical Records

How to request your Medical Records

Patients or their authorized representative may obtain copies of their medical record, or have copies sent to another medical facility, by following the instructions below.

Lakeland General Surgery, Niles works with a company called HealthPort to handle all incoming and outgoing medical records for each patient. “Authorization to Release Patient Information” forms can be acquired at the office.

Once this form has been completed and submitted to the office, HealthPort will initiate their records copy service. There is a copy fee of $1.17 per page for the first 20 sheets, $0.59 per page for the next 30 sheets, and $0.23 for each additional page. You will receive a billing statement directly from HealthPort. No fees will be charged if the records are sent to another physician’s office. Our records are not copied on-site, so it will take approximately seven to 10 days for copies to be made and sent back to our office. If you have any questions about these services call, HealthPort at (800) 367-1500. Lakeland General Surgery, Niles follows HIPAA regulations regarding patient confidentiality.