Breathe Easier

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Image of of Happy Elderly African American ManLiving with a chronic condition such as COPD or isn’t always easy – and you’re not alone. Lakeland offers private online Facebook groups hosted by healthcare professionals offering resources, dialog, and day-to-day support. Search “Breathe Easier Club at Lakeland Health” on Facebook and click the join button. Once your request is approved you will receive a notification.

Additional tips for coping with shortness of breath include:

  • Exercise. Try to be as active as possible. This will improve energy levels and strengthen your muscles, so you can do more.
  • Breathing techniques. Practice pursed-lip breathing or breathing in normally but breathing out through a narrow opening of the lips. This keeps the pressure up in their airways and it tends to prevent the large airways from collapsing.
  • Balance rest and activity. Each day, try to balance rest periods with activity. For example, you might start the day with getting dressed and eating breakfast, then relax and read the paper. After that, take a brief walk. And then sit with your feet up for a while.
  • Healthy eating. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and making an effort to maintain your ideal weight are important to staying as healthy as possible. Make sure you have a lot of fruit and vegetables every day, as well as balanced portions of whole grains, lean meats and fish, and low-fat dairy products.