Our Patients Say It Best

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The Path to Healing, Carolyn Drier
May, 2019
Physicians: Krista Schulte, NP

My wound healed so well.

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Getting Back on the Right Foot , Peter Szynkiewicz
Oct, 2018
Physicians: Krista Schulte, NP

Krista and her team have given me the right tools and motivation to succeed.

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A Pep in His Step, Erik Rhode
Sep, 2018

Since going to the Lakeland Wound Center I’ve seen a 100 percent improvement.

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Seeing the Whole You, Linda Podlin
Apr, 2017
Physicians: Krista Schulte, NP

You can bet they are keeping a close eye on me.

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On the Road to Healing, Al Bock
Sep, 2016
Physicians: Glen Hastings, MD

I was absolutely stunned by the compassion, concern, and humility the Lakeland Homecare staff showed me.

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