Nutrition to Help Heal

Eating Healthy Foods Helps With Healing


iStock-873110852Your body requires nutrients from a variety of healthy foods in order to heal wounds effectively. You doctor may request a specialize diet while you are healing from a wound. This diet may include a variety of health foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads, and fish.

To heal your wound, your body will need sufficient calories and protein from a balanced diet of nutritious foods. Your body may also need additional boosts in infection fighting aids like Vitamin A and C, and sometimes the mineral Zinc.

Foods that are high in protein may help your pressure ulcer heal. This includes lean meats, beans, milk, yogurt, beans, and cheese. Nutrition shakes may also give the needed extra calories and protein for those having trouble eating or underweight.

Work with your physician or a dietitian to develop a personalized management plan.

Staying Hydrated

Water makes up more than 60% of an adults body weight, and is essential for all your body's functions, especially when healing from a wound. Water allows your cells to get energy and nutrients from food and get rid of water. Draining wounds, fever, diarrhea, and sweating use more water than usual. If you notice that you have dry skin, cracked lips, dark urine, or constipation these may be signs of dehydration an, and a need to drink more water.