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Pricing for Common Services

Corewell Health Occupational Health – St. Joseph partners with employers to help keep your workforce healthy, safe and on-the-job. We offer comprehensive occupational services, including work-related injury/illness assessment and treatment, regulatory exams/testing such as Silica, Asbestos, and Respiratory, DOT physicals, pre-placement physicals, and drug and alcohol testing.

Below is a list of commonly requested services:

  • Pre-Placement Exam - $89.00
  • Regulatory Exam: Respiratory, Silica, Asbestos - $110.00
  • DOT/CDL Physical - $110.00
  • Respirator Questionnaire Review (simple review – no YES answers) - $38.00
  • Respirator Questionnaire Review (detailed review – includes YES answers) - $65.00
  • Fit Testing (Qualitative) - $40.00
  • Vision - Titmus (Near, Far, Depth, Peripheral, Color-Red, Green & Amber) - $30.00
  • Color vision Ishihara - $12.00
  • Audiogram (Interpretation may be billed separately) - $49.00
  • EKG - 12 lead (If Cardiology Over read is required, it may be billed separately) - $64.00
  • Spirometry (simple spirometry) - $60.00
  • Venipuncture - $20.00

Laboratory tests, radiology and other diagnostic testing are billed at current hospital charges Work comp services are reimbursed at the Michigan work comp fee schedule.

* Prices are current as of 10/1/2023. Prices are reviewed and may be adjusted annually or as needed.

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