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Choosing Your Child's Healthcare Provider

practitioner, or pediatric nurse practitioner can be your baby's primary care provider. The medical ... with children is called pediatrics. As a baby grows and develops, a primary care provider (PCP) is

Understanding Types of Healthcare Facilities

don’t always need to go to a hospital or emergency room. You can get care for yourself and your family ... group. You can get all the healthcare services you need by starting with your primary provider. They can ... care physician;physician, primary care;doctor, primary care;hospital;emergency room;er;urgent care ... 84671;understanding health care facilities;health care facilities;health care providers;primary

Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth

Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin when a child gets ... . Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care ... dental care children;oral healthcare children;dental care for children;pediatric dentistry;p00993

About Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

below. Primary care doctor A primary care doctor is the healthcare provider you see for ... another first-level-of-care area. Primary care doctors offer: Routine healthcare, including annual

The Pediatrics Orthopedic Team

*Pediatrics Orthopedists ... providers involved in treatment may include: Pediatrician or primary care provider Your child's ... pediatrician or primary care provider may treat and diagnose your child's disease. Or they may send you to ... pediatric orthopaedic conditions;pediatric orthopaedic treatment;pediatric orthopaedic physician;p02775

The Orthopedic Treatment Team

time. Some of the more common providers who treat orthopedic conditions may include: Primary care ... provider A primary care provider has specialized education and training in general internal medicine

The Pediatrician

After graduating from medical school, primary care pediatricians complete 3 years of education in ... . Most pediatricians provide primary care for their patients. Many others choose to continue their ... pediatrician;pediatric residency;p01054

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Oncology Team Pediatric ... your family. Family doctor or pediatrician. This doctor is the primary care provider. They have ... diseases. Pediatric oncologist. This doctor manages your child's cancer care. They get advanced ... 40339;cancer in children, your child's health care team;child cancer, health care team;pediatric cancer, health care team

Dental Health for Children: Overview

Children: Overview Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin by 1 year ... need more frequent evaluations and care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD ... dental health;dental care;deciduous teeth;baby teeth;dental care children;diet dental care;p01849

Where to Get Medical Care

surgeries are performed in locations other than a hospital operating room. Where to Get Medical Care ... primary care provider. Walk-ins often have a longer wait than a scheduled appointment at their own ... urgent-care centers;offsite treatment facilities;offsite health care options;retail store sites ... advantages;retail store sites disadvantages;Ambulatory surgery centers advantages;ambulatory surgery

Proper Dental Care Begins with Baby Teeth

, talk properly, and smile with confidence. Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, hold space for ... permanent teeth. October 2023 Proper Dental Care Begins with Baby Teeth The good news: Recent

Carcinoma of Unknown Primary: Overview

In carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP), doctors can’t tell where the cancer started. CUP has ... primary site. In carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP), providers can’t tell where the cancer first ... CUP;cancer;oncology;carcinoma;unknown;primary;FAQs;frequently;asked;questions;FAQCarcinomaofUnknownPrimary

Healthcare Providers for the Spine, Shoulder, or Pelvis

Doctors Who Treat the Spine, Shoulder, or Pelvis ... provider A primary healthcare provider has had training in general internal medicine, family ... healthcare provider taking part in your care. This is important in managing the symptoms of a

Overview of Cancer

named for the primary site where the original or first tumor started, such as skin, colon, or breast ... . What are metastatic cancers? Cancer can spread from where it started (the primary site) to other ... cancer;cancer information;cancer diagnosis;primary cancers;metastatic cancers;benign tumor;malignant tumor;P00576

Cancer of Unknown Primary: Stages

where it is (where it first started or the primary site). Scans can also show if the cancer has ... spread from an unknown primary site. Your healthcare providers aren't sure where it first started ... carcinoma of unknown primary origin;stages of carcinoma of unknown primary origin;19014-1

After Hip Replacement: When to Call Your Surgeon

*Hip Replace Post Op Call Doctor ... : When to Call Your Surgeon Make sure to follow all your surgeon’s instructions after your surgery ... higher, or as advised Shaking chills Swelling or redness at the incision site that gets worse ... 90064;hip replacement;surgeon, orthopedic surgeon;when to call your doctor after hip replacement

Healthcare Providers in Digestive Health

and physically healthy as possible. This team may include: Primary care provider. Family ... healthcare providers, internists, and pediatricians are all examples of primary care providers. They can

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH)

Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) is high blood pressure in the lungs. It's a rare lung ... that can lead to heart failure if it's not treated. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) What ... p01322;Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

Cancer of Unknown Primary: Surgery

*Cancer Unk Primary: Surgery ... Understanding Surgery for Cancer of Unknown Primary ... the time, they try to take out all the cancer and some of the normal tissue around it ... . Cancer of Unknown Primary: Surgery During cancer surgery, a tumor or tumors are removed from your body ... carcinoma of unknown primary origin;surgery for carcinoma of unknown primary origin;19018-1;CUP

How to Find Dr. Right

Finding the Right Doctor ... representative for a list of primary care healthcare providers in your plan. In most cases, your out-of-pocket ... for a health problem. Schedule the visit with the goal of establishing care. What to ask During ... right doctor;right doctor suggestions;find right doctor;1,2309

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