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Take the Nervous System Quiz

, our emotions, our senses, and our movements. The brain, nerves, and spinal cord are all members of ... , nerves and spinal cord are all members of this important process. How much do you know about the ... nervous system; central nervous system; brain; spinal cord; nerves;

A Quick Look at Reflexes

forward, seemingly on its own. And in a sense, your leg has a mind of its own — in your spinal cord ... spinal cord. But some are in the motor centers of your brain. They work to protect your body from injury ... reflexes, reaction and reflexes, brain and reflexes

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Spinal Cord Injury ... and feeling in the body. The nerves exit and enter the spinal cord through spaces between the bones ... A spinal cord injury can cause reduced feeling and movement in certain parts of the body depending ... 41171; Understanding Spinal Cord Injury (SCI); understanding SCI; understanding Spinal cord injury; spinal cord injury

Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

Made up of bundles of nerves, the spinal cord carries signals from your body to your brain, and ... internal organs. The spinal cord is made up of bundles of nerves and nerve cells. The spinal cord carries ... spinal cord, central nervous system; nerve signals; cerebrospinal fluid; meninges;

Spinal Cord Tumor Overview

tumors can cause problems with the nearby nerves, blood vessels, and bones. Some spinal cord tumors ... spinal cord or nerves. A spinal cord tumor may be called primary. This means the cancer started in

Understanding Spinal Cord Disease

*Spinal Cord Disease ... system. It relays messages between the brain and body. Problems with the spinal cord can cause a loss ... Spinal cord disease can cause a loss of sensation and movement. Learn more about resources that ... 41207; understanding spinal cord disease; spinal cord disease

Epidermoid Cyst of the Brain or Spinal Cord

*Cyst Epidermoid Brain Spinal Cord ... Brain or Spinal Cord An epidermoid cyst is the growth of normal tissue in an abnormal place in the ... What causes an epidermoid cyst? The cyst forms in the brain or spinal cord when a few cells that ... 90286;epidermoid cyst;brain cyst;spinal cord cyst;benign cyst

Types of Brain Tumors in Children

*Tumor Types Brain Ch ... ventricles make fluid that helps protect the brain and spinal cord. Optic nerve gliomas  form near ... .  These are tumors that grow in the outer linings (meninges) of the brain and spinal cord. These tumors ... 40179; types of brain tumors in children; brain tumors, types, child; brain tumor, grading, child

Bladder and Bowel Incontinence

, nerves tell certain muscles when to tense up and when to relax. Nerves in the spinal cord send ... affect the nerves and muscles that control the bladder and bowel. Bladder incontinence can be caused by

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Spine and Brain Podcast

Brain MRI ... MRI, Brain ... MRI may be used to look at the brain, the spinal cord, or both. MRI can find injuries, structural ... Imaging (MRI) of the Spine and Brain Podcast Detailed information on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI

Brain Tumors: Team Members and Common Terms

*Tumor Brain HC Team Common Terms ... . Necrosis. This means dead tissue Nervous system.  This is the brain and spinal cord, and ... who operates on the brain, the spine, and the peripheral nerves.  Nurse.  This is a ... 83350; Brain Tumors: Team Members and Commons Terms; common terms, brain tumors; healthcare team, brain tumors

Anatomy of the Child’s Nervous System

The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. These parts work together to ... central nervous system. The nerves outside the brain and spinal cord make up the peripheral nervous

Spinal Cord Injury: Treatment and Rehabilitation

movement in muscles and joints. It may help some people with spinal cord injuries regain some function ... treatment center for rehabilitation. Spinal Cord Injury: Treatment and Rehabilitation ... 85321; spinal cord injury: treatment and rehabilitation; spinal cord injury treatment; spinal cord ... injury rehabilitation; treatment and rehab, spinal cord injury

Take the Spine Health Quiz

by ligaments and muscles, which keep the spine stable. The spinal cord runs within the spine ... . Spinal nerves branch off from the cord and emerge through the spaces between the vertebrae. These nerves

Neurogenic Bladder

messages between the bladder and the spinal cord and brain. The messages tell the bladder muscles to ... your brain, spinal cord, and bladder. He or she will review your health history and do a physical

Spinal Stenosis

each other, they form a canal that protects and supports the spinal cord. Nerves, called nerve roots ... Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the spinal canal narrows and pinches the nerves, resulting ... spinal stenosis; low back pain; back pain; spine; spinal cord; spinal canal; osteoarthritis; herniated disk; rheumatoid arthritis

Understanding the "Pins and Needles" Feeling

. These sensations then move up the spinal cord to the brain. But if constant pressure is placed on a ... different causes and can be temporary (reversible) or permanent, usually from nerve, spinal cord, or ... pins and needles, limb falls asleep, paresthesia

Dermoid Cyst of the Brain or Spinal Cord

*Cyst Dermoid Brain Spinal Cord ... glands, and glands that make skin oils. A dermoid cyst in the brain or spinal cord is a rare type of ... brain or spinal cord during a child’s growth. They are often skin and bone cells that are normally part ... 90285;dermoid cyst;benign cyst;fourth ventricle cyst;brain cyst;spinal cord cyst

Brain Tumors in Children

the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla. It is the part of the brain that connects to the spinal cord ... the brain and spinal cord. This may cause increased pressure in the skull. Optic nerve glioma ... brain tumor, symptom of brain tumor, brain tumor picture, brain tumor treatment, brain tumor ... diagnosis, sign of a brain tumor, brain stem tumor, type of brain tumor, gliomas, astrocytomas, brain stem

Neurogenic Bowel

and rectum MRI or CT scan of your brain or spinal cord Ultrasound imaging of the anus You may ... . Tests for diagnosis may include an MRI or CT scan of your brain or spinal cord and an ultrasound of the

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