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Where to Get Medical Care

you can walk in without an appointment. Also, at an urgent-care center, you probably won't see the ... intended to provide emergency care. In many cases, they are like a walk-in healthcare provider's office ... urgent-care centers;offsite treatment facilities;offsite health care options;retail store sites ... centers disadvantages;urgent-care centers advantages;urgent-care centers disadvantages

As Clinics Providing Abortions Closed in Iowa, STD Rates Started Rising

. Unfortunately, these very same clinics offer a broad range of essential primary care services beyond ... defunding law back in 2017. “So many patients seeking care in these clinics are looking for services not

U.S. Doctors Already Face Big Hurdles Accessing Abortion Pill

(HealthDay News) -- Even with Roe v. Wade still the law of the land, primary care doctors in the United ... . For the study , 48 U.S. primary care doctors were interviewed in 2019 and classified into one of

Americans Getting More Comfortable Talking Over Mental Health With Doctors

, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Primary care doctors are no longer just in the physical health business ... Women's Hospital in Boston. That also means primary care doctors need the resources to make sure

Even Before Pandemic, One-Third of U.S. Adults Went Without Dental Care

cost. Grover said dentists can also work with pediatricians and primary care doctors to help ... relationships with family doctors and pediatricians," Grover said. "Integrated care is really an

Communities of Color Struggling to Get Vaccines to Those in Need

clinics in which the activists do all the leg work and paperwork. "All [medical staff] have to do ... with innovative ways to overcome longstanding racial disparities in health care and help step up

New Device Might Spot 'Lazy Eye' in Kids Earlier

an important consideration for its adoption in busy pediatric care settings," said co-lead ... impairments in depth perception and fine motor skills, doctors say. "The findings suggest that pediatricians

Understanding Types of Healthcare Facilities

. Emergency care may be done in an urgent care clinic. It may be done in an emergency medical response ... don’t always need to go to a hospital or emergency room. You can get care for yourself and your family ... care physician;physician, primary care;doctor, primary care;hospital;emergency room;er;urgent care ... 84671;understanding health care facilities;health care facilities;health care providers;primary

The Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist

What is a Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist ... games that may not be found in regular healthcare providers' offices. When to see a pediatric ... sports supplement use Heat illnesses Care of an athlete with special needs Plus, pediatric ... sports injuries;sports medicine;pediatric sports medicine;medical specialty;44

Gynecological Exam, Heart Screening Should Go Hand-in-Hand

visit to the gynecologist is their only form of primary health care, so improving heart screening in ... ob-gyn clinics may improve detection of heart problems in women, researcher Dr. Roxana Mehran, from

FDA Advisors Approve Emergency Use of Pfizer COVID Vaccine in Kids 5 to 11

common in younger children. If approved by the FDA and then the CDC, Pfizer's pediatric vaccine would ... and Prevention's vaccination advisors are now set to meet Nov. 2 to weigh in on the pediatric vaccine

White House Moves to Make COVID Antiviral Pills More Widely Available

, hospitals, community health clinics and urgent care centers that carry Paxlovid from 20,000 to ... pill is more "test-to-treat" programs in pharmacies and clinics, where people will be given five days

With Abortion Access Under Threat, Doctors Focus on 'Contraceptive Counseling'

health care settings -- from family practices, to school health centers, to opioid treatment programs ... contraceptive care from any primary care provider, not just their obstetrician-gynecologist. That's now

FDA Approves Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Kids 5-11

trust, rather than mass vaccination sites. More than 25,000 pediatric and family doctor clinics ... House has decided that pediatric COVID-19 shots will be delivered in settings that parents know and

Biden Administration Presses Schools to Provide COVID Shots to Kids

." She plans to visit pediatric vaccination clinics to deliver the same message in the coming weeks ... support pediatric vaccination efforts. Emergency use of Pfizer's pediatric vaccine in 5-to-11-year

Doctors Often Miss Signs of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

recognized by primary care providers, new research suggests. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to make ... type 1 disease in children brought to primary care physicians. The research was led by Johan Wersäll

Medical Marijuana May Help Ease Severe Epilepsy in Kids: Study

interested in using these medicines for these children to approach clinics and discuss this option ... . Peter Grinspoon has a different take on the findings. He's a primary care physician at Massachusetts

Choosing Your Child's Healthcare Provider

practitioner, or pediatric nurse practitioner can be your baby's primary care provider. The medical ... with children is called pediatrics. As a baby grows and develops, a primary care provider (PCP) is

STDs May Be More Common Than Thought Among U.S. High School Kids

(STDs), according to a new report by U.S. health officials. In all, just 20% of sexually active high ... . Her team estimated that 15- to 24-year-olds account for half of all new STIs annually in the

Pandemic Brought Big Drop in Breast Cancer Screening in Older, Low-Income Women

journal Cancer . The researchers noted that clinics in the study were part of an American Cancer ... , the study authors suggested. Declining screening rates in clinics serving lower-income areas with

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