Image of Shelly Morlock

Restoring Confidence

Shelly Morlock

Every woman fears the thought of finding out they have breast cancer. Coloma resident, Shelly Morlock, was no different. The day she discovered a small lump in her right breast.......

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James Syson web

Overcoming a Lifelong Battle

James Syson

For James Syson, being morbidly obese was a lifelong battle. In 2001, the 63-year-old Niles resident underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost over 200 pounds. However, over the years, the weight slowly began to creep back on.......

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Michelle King Cohen

A Lift in Confidence

Michelle King-Cohen

After a three-and-a-half-year weight loss journey which resulted in vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery, Michelle King-Cohen was down 75 pounds and feeling better than ever. However, the amount of weight she had lost left some unwelcome side effects in its place........

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Donna Allen

A Helping Hand

Donna Allen

It was Easter weekend and Donna Allen was traveling from Illinois to Rochester Hills, Michigan to spend time with family. Shortly after crossing into Michigan, they stopped at the Welcome Center, a routine practice for their family.......

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