Professional Fees, Payments, and Billing

Billing an individual’s insurance company is a courtesy provided by this practice because we want to limit your financial stress. Please be aware that your plan may have a deductible and/or require a co-pay at each visit. This is your responsibility.

We will ask and expect to receive your co-payment at the time of service, prior to you seeing a medical provider. If the appointment is for a minor, the adult accompanying the child is responsible for payment.

We accept cash, most credit cards, and personal checks.

Your insurance policy is a contract made between you and the insurance company. This medical practice is not a part of that contractual agreement. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to confirm benefits. You are responsible for any and all charges that your insurance does not pay.

Follow these guidelines before your appointment:


Patient Financial Advocates

If you have difficulty managing the balance on your account, we are here to help develop a plan. Alternate payment arrangements can be made with a patient financial advocate by calling (844) 408-4103 or (269) 428-5007.

A Patient Financial Advocate can also: