Our Approach to Head and Neck Reconstruction

The head and neck are some of the most important and visible areas of the body, especially when it comes to communication. We understand that this can have a large effect on your confidence if you suffer from an injury, cancerous activity, or congenital deformity. We believe that each patient deserves to put their best face forward, so we offer effective reconstructive techniques to ensure you have confidence in your body and appearance.

What is Head and Neck Reconstruction?

Head and neck reconstruction is a set of procedures aimed to restore and rebuild important areas of the head and neck region through surgical or non-surgical techniques. There are many reasons a patient might require reconstruction, but it can be an essential part of the recovery or restoration of both form and function. The head and neck area have many important functions that require a skilled approach, so we offer effective techniques to help you achieve your reconstructive goals.

Can Head and Neck Reconstruction Benefit Me?

There are many reasons to pursue head and neck reconstruction, but most patients pursue it as a result of cancer treatment, deformity, or injury to the important functions of the head and neck. For this reason, it’s important to discuss how you can benefit from a procedure during a consultation. If you opt for surgical techniques, you will need to discuss your ability to successfully recover from surgery. 

What Should I Know About Head and Neck Reconstruction?

Head and neck reconstruction is a highly-customized set of procedures that address many different kinds of head and neck deformity. Although we can address your concerns and plan the best procedure for you during a consultation, here are some techniques commonly used for head and neck reconstruction.

Surgical Techniques

One of the most common techniques for reconstructive surgeries is tissue grafting to the affected area. This can include skin and muscle grafts to restore areas previously affected by removal surgery, or even fat grafting techniques to areas of low volume. There are many different uses of these techniques, but they can be one of the most difficult plastic surgery techniques due to the complexity of the head and neck area. Some facial plastic surgeries can be reconstructive as well as cosmetic, such as the rhinoplasty in the event of injury. These reconstructive techniques focus just as much on function as they do form.

Non-Surgical Techniques

Although surgical techniques can be most effective when it comes to restoring form and function, non-surgical techniques can be an important part of the treatment package. Often, injectables like dermal fillers or Botox can aid in restoring volume or reducing unwanted muscle movements. Additionally, skin or laser treatments can reduce scarring after a surgical procedure, leading to natural-looking results. 

Your Head and Neck Reconstruction Procedure

During your consultation, you’ll receive a thorough plan for your treatment so that you know what to expect. We can perform surgical reconstruction within our private, accredited facility with expert patient care by our medical staff who can ensure you’re comfortable and prepared. Because head and neck reconstruction can come in many different forms, your procedure will be unique to your goals and other factors, but you can be assured our experts will expertly navigate your procedure to achieve effective form and function.

What Can I Expect After Head and Neck Reconstruction?

Because of the nature of head and neck reconstruction, you may require additional touch-up surgeries in the future, but we can recommend a treatment plan of laser and skincare treatments to ensure your results leave you feeling confident. We can also recommend physician-grade skincare products to include in your at-home regimen to extend your results. As with any surgery, your results can be prone to change over time and with the aging process. However, we can professionally recommend the best way to maintain your results and pursue any additional surgeries as needed.

Your Consultation at Stonegate Plastic Surgery

Feeling confident in your body again can be one of the most important parts of recovery and reconstruction. Surgery of the head and neck is one of the most challenging areas of plastic surgery, but you can be assured our experts are skilled and experienced in achieving natural-looking and functional results. To begin your treatment plan, contact our St. Joseph office by calling or filling out our online form.