Your Care Team

Your healthcare team is made up of physicians, nurses, care managers, therapists, and assistants. Each team member is committed to meeting your healthcare needs and providing exceptional care. Keep in mind this is a post-hospital setting. Physician visits are typically made within the first two weeks of your stay. Other medical providers are available if you have questions about your care before seeing a physician.

Be a Partner in Your Safety

To improve patient safety, Pine Ridge encourages residents and their family members to be active participants in their care. Research has shown that those who take part in decisions about their health care are more likely to have better outcomes. Pay attention to the care you are receiving. Make sure you’re getting the right treatments and medications by the right healthcare professionals.
Speak up if you have questions or concerns about your care. Your health is too important to worry about being embarrassed if you don’t understand something your physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional tells you. Tell your nurse or physician if something doesn’t seem right.

Recognizing Your Team

For your safety, all Pine Ridge personnel wear identification badges that include the person’s name, photo, and department. If you’re not sure who someone is, ask to see their identification badge. Expect your healthcare professionals to introduce themselves when they enter your room and look for their identification badges.


An important part of providing you with excellent care is daily rounding. During this time we will:
  • Check on you and ask how you are feeling
  • Help you move and change positions
  • Monitor your comfort and pain
  • Assist you to the bathroom
Our care team will also make sure that you have access to your call light, telephone, water, and personal items. We will do our best to anticipate your needs and monitor your well-being on a regular basis. Please feel free to call your nurse if you need anything at other times. We want to be sure we address all of your needs and concerns in a timely manner.

Students and Residents

Pine Ridge is committed to education and helps train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. We partner with area community colleges and other training programs, to ensure that the next generation is well-prepared for their careers as caregivers. During your stay, you may be cared for by a nursing student, aide or other professional-in-training.


You may see volunteers working throughout the facility, delivering flowers or mail, and supporting our staff members. Individuals interested in volunteering: we have many opportunities throughout Pine Ridge to fit your schedule, abilities, and interests. To learn more, visit