Your Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct

At Pine Ridge, we treat all residents with respect, compassion, and dignity and provide care that is both
medically necessary and appropriate. In turn, Pine Ridge staff have the right to be treated the same. As a resident or visitor coming into our facility, we ask that you treat staff and others professionally, with courtesy and respect. Persons not acting in such a way may be asked to leave the facility. Pine Ridge has a right to terminate a relationship with any resident whose abusive behavior (including verbal or physical abuse, yelling or threatening physicians, associates, or others) poses a risk to the health and/or safety of our staff, visitors, or other residents.


During your stay at Pine Ridge, your healthcare team will check in with you regularly. Don’t be surprised if your nurse or physician confirms your identity by asking your name and date of birth before giving you medication or treatment. It’s for your safety.

Facility Responsibilities

Pine Ridge is responsible for the following:

  • To provide routine and ancillary services as required by the resident and ordered by the
    attending physician
  • Residents may elect to retain his/her own personal physician, who, in fact, cares for the resident in
    accordance with the policies of Pine Ridge. The facility may assist in obtaining a physician.
  • To arrange for transfer of the resident to an acute hospital of the resident’s choice, if possible, when ordered by the resident’s attending physician and to promptly notify the responsible party of such transfer.
  • When necessary, families will be assisted in arranging transportation to and from all routine,
    non-emergency medical services. 
  • To provide a clean and safe environment for all residents.
  • To ensure that all residents’ rights are observed and enforced.
  • To comply with State and Federal rules and regulations
  • To promptly notify the resident and/or patient advocate/guardian of change in the resident’s physical and/or mental condition or of impending changes in the sources of payment to the facility.
  • To exercise ordinary and reasonable care in handling of the resident’s personal affairs