Your Safety and Security

Safety and Security Advocate

At Pine Ridge, we have access to Safety Advocates whose job it is to assist in assuring you receive the safest care possible. If you have any safety concerns while receiving services at our facility, we encourage you to immediately let your caregiver know. If you are uncomfortable doing this or still feel unsafe after voicing your concern, please contact the charge nurse, director of nursing, or administration.


Your safety and security is important to us. Security features include one main point of entry, a wanderguard system and two fully-enclosed courtyards. Please do not assist a resident outside without first getting permission from a member of management or the charge nurse. This facility is in jurisdiction of the Lincoln Township Police Department. If you have any safety concerns during your stay please let us know.

Leaving the Facility

Residents may leave the facility if they have prior authorization from their attending physician. Residents must be signed out at their respective nursing station by a legal representative. Medicare, Medicaid, and other payers may restrict or limit time away. Please check with the charge nurse or social worker if you have questions.


Please leave as many personal belongings as you can at home or with a family member. Pine Ridge is
not responsible for lost or stolen items. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider for
additional coverage.

Night Entrance

For our residents’ safety and protection, the main entrance doors to the facility will be locked each evening. Access for visitors may be obtained using the two-way video camera system.

Fire Drills and Emergency Codes

Our facility has programs in place to help keep you safe that require us to frequently perform drills.
If you hear an alarm, do not panic. If a concern arises over your safety, staff will evacuate you to a safe place. We have posted fire escape routes on the walls of our facilities to help with evacuation when necessary. Please remain calm in the event of an emergency and listen for directions from staff.