Virtual Dementia Tour

Building a Greater Understanding of Dementia

Virtual Dementia Pine Ridge WEB

An activity leader at Pine Ridge: A Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, recently became a facilitator for the Virtual Dementia Tour® through Second Wind Dreams—an evidence-based simulation to help participants build a greater understanding of dementia. Created by geriatric psychologist and dementia expert, P.K. Beville, PhD, MS, the tool uses patented sensory tools that alter a participant’s senses while they attempt to complete common everyday tasks and exercises. To date, over 100 team members at Pine Ridge have undergone the specialized training.

With a disease like dementia, it’s difficult to truly understand what someone is going through on a daily basis. The Virtual Dementia Tour enables our caregivers to step inside the patient’s shoes and experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges someone with dementia may be facing. We are able to use this knowledge to provide better person-centered care and help ease interactions between dementia patients, their families, and their caregivers.

The tool is currently available to patient’s family members to help put them in the shoes of their loved one and increase awareness that someone with dementia has a new normal.