The Campus

Lobby and library

  • Includes many homelike features to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

  • Craftsman-style details throughout, such as the stone and wood fireplace in the lobby.

  • The library is just one of the cozy places residents, families, and visitors will find. Like all of our campus, it has internet access and Wi-Fi.


Physical therapy room

  • Offers ample space to provide physical therapy activities for our residents, many of whom may be with us for a short time as they recover from surgery or other medical concerns.

  • All clinical areas have adjoining offices with large windows. This intentional design feature allows added security for our residents as well as visibility of our staff.

physical therapy


  • The chapel is for group services or for those seeking quiet time for prayer or meditation.

  • The stained glass window was gifted to the chapel at the former Lakeland Continuing Care Center in St. Joseph. It is our legacy of caring.


Family room/occupational therapy room

  • Occupational therapists work with patients to determine if they can complete essential tasks of daily living on their own — such as doing the laundry, or preparing food in the kitchen.

  • The family room may also be used for special activities such as residents’ birthdays or other celebrations.

occupational therapy

Beauty shop

  • Salon services include haircuts and styling.


  • Outdoor spaces include two courtyards, nine covered porches, and a half-mile paved walking path that goes around the entire Hanson Care Park.

  • The courtyards are enclosed by the building, creating a safer environment for those at-risk residents for whom we might provide care.


Main dining room and activities room

  • Residents may choose to have their meals in the main dining room. Or, they may choose to eat in their “neighborhood” dining area, or in their personal rooms.

  • In the activities room, programming helps to meet the social, mental, and physical needs of our residents.

  • Therapeutic activities are conducted throughout the building and often into the community.


  • All meals for our residents and associates are made here in our spacious kitchen.

  • Our registered dietitian guides menu choices for well-balanced meals and works with individuals on
    any particular dietary needs. Special and therapeutic diets are easily accommodated.

Semi-private and private rooms

  • Pine Ridge has 39 semi-private rooms and 33 private rooms.

  • Each room has its own thermostat to adjust the radiant heat in the flooring.

  • Each resident room has its own private rest room and shower.

Your Room

Therapy spa

  • The hydrosonic tub is specially equipped to help enhance safety for residents and staff. Any resident may use it, including those who may have physical limitations.

Neighborhood-style living

  • The layout of the center creates four distinct neighborhoods; each includes a living, dining, and activity space for residents and guests.

  • Adjacent charting rooms allow caregivers direct line of sight into these gathering areas.

  • Each neighborhood also features a lounge area and porch.