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Welcome—we’re glad you stopped by! Our Population Health team is passionate about the work we do—improving population health in our community and advancing health equity. We invite you to get facts and learn more about our efforts, connect with programs that can help you be healthier, and discover opportunities to get involved in our work. Our organization has made an anti-racism pledge, committing to act against structural racism and pledging to take on the challenge to eliminate racism and its impact on health, hope, and lives.

Read on to learn what we do and, most importantly, what we can do together.


In Population Health, we aim to help fulfill the mission of Spectrum Health Lakeland “To Improve Health, Inspire Hope and Save Lives” by working to intentionally foster an environment where optimal health is achievable for everyone.


Through our work we strive to create a thriving, resilient and socially cohesive community.

Our understanding of health is changing. Every day, we learn more about how health is largely shaped by conditions—known as social determinants of health—outside of the health care system. We know things like access to nutritious food and living in safe neighborhoods positively impact health. We also understand that things like poverty or limited access to health care and education can negatively impact health and create inequities that are unfair, unjust, and avoidable.

Our work means taking the steps to create better living conditions and narrow inequities by providing communities with the unique resources they need for healthy living.

If you’re learning about our work for the first time or want to deepen your understanding of what you already know, we invite you to start here:

We’re building a healthier community, but we can’t do it without you. Anyone who wants to share ideas, collaborate, or take action is encouraged to contact us. After all, it’s about you: your health, your health system, and your community.

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